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Welcome to CDF!
  1. Please check in with the Fermilab Users Office (WH1NW) and obtain a Fermilab I.D. number,

  2. check in with Barbara Hehner (171-I) and

  3. check in with Dee Hahn (CDF 3) to complete necessary safety training.

You will become an official member of CDF after you have:

  1. read the CDF building and detector information which gives a short overview of safety information about the CDF experiment,
  2. complied with CDF's safety training requirements which are stated in this document, and
  3. completed and returned (to one of the above) the last page of this document, which asks for information about yourself.

After having completed registration requirements you may request your computer account via the WEB:

As soon as you have your CDF account, please enter your name and information in the CDF Run II People Database. (This is especially important if you wish to be on the CDF author list.)

CDF institution mail boxes are located in the crossover of the CDF trailers. Please have your mail addressed as follows:

Your Name
Your Institution*
Fermilab - CDF - M.S. 318 (or 223** )
PO Box 500***
Batavia, IL 60510

* without this information, your mail may be delayed.
** M.S. 223 if you are an Italian Visitor.
***Fermilab shipping address is: Kirk & Wilson Sts., Receiving Dept.

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