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Every Thursday, a new Fermilab Result of the Week appears in Fermilab Today, Fermilab's daily email publication for employees, users and subscribers. Results of the Week highlight science from Fermilab experiments. Each Result of the Week is a showcase of the scientific research and results achieved at Fermilab. Featured here are results published every 2 weeks from the CDF Collaboration. Also, check out our Public Web Page.

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 Oct. 30, 2014
  A charming result

 Oct. 2, 2014
  Looking for rare events

 Sept. 4, 2014
  The final word on Z's and jets from CDF

 Aug 21, 2014
  Testing the Higgs boson's spin and parity with CDF

 Aug 7, 2014
  Sifting through the noise to identify single top quarks

 July 24, 2014
  Searching for boosted tops

 July 10, 2014
  Two B mesons violate CP

 June 26, 2014
  Close but not equal

 June 5, 2014
  A new look at W+jets

 May 22, 2014
  Is the top hiding a charged Higgs?

 May 8, 2014
  Top quark continues to pique physicists' interest

 Apr 24, 2014
  CDF finalizes its Ωb analysis

 Apr 10, 2014
  CDF completes the ZZ diboson production cross section

 Mar 27, 2014
  The top, the bottom and everything in between

 Mar 13, 2014
  An indirect measurement of the W mass using muon pairs

 Feb 27, 2014
  Evidence for rare single-top-quark procees at CDF

 Feb 13, 2014
  Six measurements of top quark pair production

 Jan 30, 2014
  Gluon jets contain more color than quark jets

 Jan 16, 2014
  CDF documentation for the W boson mass measurement

 Jan 2, 2014
  Excitement about B mesons

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