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Standalone MC Production: COMPHEP

Contact: Henry Frisch - Sebastian Carron Montero

Note: The matrix element generator CompHep is currently not part of cdfSim or cdfGen. Generator level MC data can be produced standalone ( instructions) by writing the output in StdHep format (HEPEVT) and importing these generator level data into the CDF Run II offline framework using hepevt2hepg. Large generator level CompHep MC files can also be imported into the CDF Data File Catalog (contact Frank Wuerthwein and Sebastian Carron Montero ). We also plan to make the CompHep source code available in the CDF repository for standalone MC generation.

  • Note by Henry Frisch on the "Merits of standalone MC generation" and the "Status of MC Database Project"
  • Talk by Sebastian Carron on CompHep at CDF given at 2002 MC Workshop
    CompHep Publications:
  • CompHEP - a package for evaluation of Feynman diagrams and integration over multi-particle phase space.
    User's manual for version 33 (A.Pukhov et al.) (hep-ph/9908288)
  • CompHep-Pythia interface: Integrated package for collision event generation based on exact matrix elements
    (A.Belyaev et al.) (hep-ph/0101232)
  • CompHep/SUSY package (A. Semenov) (hep-ph/0205020)
    Related Notes:
  • CDF note 5821: Top Dilepton Monte Carlo Datasets and Disk Needs (Henry Frisch et al.)
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