CDF Decommissioning

May 13, 2013: The CDF central detector is moved from the collision hall to the assembly pit.

June-August: Cables, electronics, and phototubes are removed from the endwalls and plugs. Phototubes from CDF calorimeters and muon systems as well as muon detector scintillators are being reused by experiments at Fermilab and elsewhere.

August: South muon shilding wall being disassembled. The steel blocks will be used for LBNE.

September 18: Removal of the COT drift chamber from the solenoid.

September-November: Disassembling the east and west torroids. These steel blocks can also be used by LBNE.

Disassembly of the northwest CMX stand. The section being lifted by the crane had previously set on the lower section to the right of the photo. Note the bare endwall and empty solenoid in the photo as well.

Last modified: jdl 11/19/13