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Available CDF Drawings:

  • Evolution of CDF, 1988 - 1999: CDF as configured during three major data taking Collider Runs at the Fermilab Tevatron: 1988-89, Run I ( 1992-96), Run II ( begins in 1999 ). In each case a quarter section of the detector is shown ( it is symmetric in the other 3 quarters ) and a color code is used to identify different parts of the device.
    Evolution picture
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  • Schematic COLOR Quarter Section of most of CDF in Collider Run I, 1992-96: Highly schematic CDF drawing designed for conference talks. Same view as the above quarter section, but with more emphasis on the central detector and tower geometry. Note that the position and size of the forward calorimeter is not to scale, but it has been included to illustrate the full CDF pseudorapidity range.
    Color Quadrant
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