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List of Available CDF Detector Photographs

  • CDF Central Detector
    In this closeup of the central part of the CDF detector one can see various detector elements, as well as some of the cables and electronics used to collect information from the parts of the detector. The boxes mounted on the face of the orange structure contain electronics.

    The black semicircles to the right and left are the hadronic calorimeters. They detect particles known as hadrons by causing the particle to collide many times with iron plates. In these collisions, other particles are produced. These particles cross sheets of scintillating plastic where they give off small flashes of light. A measurement of the total amount of light measures the energy of the hadron.
    CDF Central
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  • CDF Forward Detectors
    The central detector represents about 1/3 of the total detector. There are also two forward detectors; so named because the are arranged along the main accelerator beam in front of and in back of the central detector. In this photograph, one can see these detectors in the assembly hall area outside the main machine before they were installed.
    CDF Forward
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  • CDF Remote Control Room
    Photograph of a demonstration of a remote control room. This remote CDF control room was operated in San Diego, while the CDF detector itself is in Batavia Illinois.
    Larger GIF image (33 Kbytes)

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