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Welcome to CDF!
To become a registered member of CDF, follow the steps below.
  1. Obtain a Fermilab ID via the WEB below or in person at the Fermilab Users Office in Wilson Hall

  2. Request your computer account via the WEB:
    • Read KB0010797 and follow the instructions for Visitors.
      • Apply for a new computer account via the link provided
      • Obtain a Services Account and if doing analysis, a Kerberos account principal
      • Read the Fermilab Policy on Computing
      • A CDF interactive login pool account and internal web password are created
    • Complete basic security training via your Individual Training Plan (Course FN000374).
    • It takes a few days for account approval, then creation by the Fermilab Service Desk.
      • The Service Desk will contact you via the e-mail you provided
      • New users wishing to do analyses must follow up on their account request.
    • AFTER your KERBEROS principal is setup, you may request a Windows Fermi domain account with CDF privileges by filling out a Service Desk Request or send an e-mail to servicedesk@fnal.gov. Necessary text is provided in the following link

for physicists/for Newcomers
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