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Using the CDF central UNIX facility - cdfsga

The cdfsga central UNIX facility is used for data analysis of CDF data. It currently consists of 28 processors rated at 191 VUPS each for a total of approximately 5300 VUPS, 3.5 Gbytes of main memory, 2521 Gbytes of disk, 16 Exabyte 8mm cassette tape drives, and a direct connection to the CDF STK Silo.

If you would like to request an account on cdfsga then please fill out the UNIX account request form.

If your password on cdfsga has expired, please call extension 2345.


Editing - Converting from VMS - Data Analysis - Mail, Calendar and Calculator - Bulletins, Newsgroups, World Wide Web, CDF notes, PostScript viewer - Printing - Disk and Tape - Debugging - Tools - Statistics

Logging in to cdfsga

Logging in


Command Line Editor
TeX in color (for making transparencies)
Spelling Checker
xfig (for making transparencies)
lyx (for making transparencies)
Image Manipulation

Converting from VMS

Converting VMS mail to UNIX format
UNIX commands for VMS users
Default .login and .cshrc configuration files
Default shell
Copying files from FNALD to cdfsga
Copying files from cdfsga
Plan file
The $HOME environmental variable

Data analysis

Examples of Linking and Running CDF jobs
Analysis Control
Build Job
Compiling and linking simple Fortran programs
Batch System
Calculation of Luminosity
Production Manager Databases
DF event display
PAW futures
Topdrawer Documentation
tcsh documentation
Irix 6 compiler options

Mail, Calendar and Calculator

Using exmh
Documentation for the exmh mail handler
MH and xmh: Email for Users & Programmers
Help with the MH mail handler
Suggestions on mail forwarding
Help with the ical calendar

Bulletins, Newsgroups, World Wide Web, CDF notes, PostScript Viewer

CDF Bulletin Board
UNIX newsgroups
World Wide Web
CDF Notes
PostScript Viewer
PDF Viewer


Printing from cdfsga
Printing from UNIX
List of print queues
Check status of a print queue
What to do if your printout says MULTINET_LPD
Printing from the display screen

Disk and Tape

Data Tapes
OCS manual
Backing up your files
Request a tape
Re-Initializing a tape
STK Robotic Storage


Online Fortran Manual
Online SGI Manuals
Programming Tips


Tk/Tcl for developing GUI applications
The Plot Widgets
What are the Plot Widgets?
The GNU c++ compiler




Comparison of central computing usage
Monthly HSM usage
Success of Backups
Utilization Report for last month
Monthly CPU usage
Monthly IO usage
Monthly Tape Mounts
Reboot History
Products on cdfsga supported by the Fermilab Computing Division
Survival times of 8mm drives on cdfsga
Drawing of the hardware

Problems with cdfsga ? Please contact cdfsga-team@fnal.gov

If you are reporting a problem with your analysis job, please include:

  1. A script which creates the executable.
  2. A script which runs the executable, and produces the error.
  3. A log file, showing the error in context.

Thank you.

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