Measurement of Wgamma and Zgamma Production in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV

The analysis was performed by
Al Goshaw, Michael Kirby (Duke University)
Helen Hayward,, Beate Heinemann (Liverpool University)
and Naho Tanimoto (Okayama University)

Please refer to the publication for details.

The Standard Model predictions for Wgamma and Zgamma production are tested using an integrated luminosity of 200 pb^-1 of ppbar collision data collected at the Collider Detector at Fermilab. The cross sections are measured by selecting leptonic decays of the W and Z bosons, and photons with transverse energy E_T>7 GeV that are well separated from leptons. The production cross sections and kinematic distributions for the Wgamma and Zgamma data are compared to SM predictions.
Event criteria for W+gamma

Et (transverse energy) > 25GeV, |eta(electron)|<2.8
Pt (transverse momentum) > 20GeV, |eta(muon)|<1.1
Neutrino MEt (missing transverse energy) > 25 GeV (electron analysis), 20 GeV (muon analysis)
Transverse mass(electron, neutrino)
30 < Mt < 120 GeV
Et(transverse energy) > 7 GeV, |eta(photon)|<1.1

Wgamma events yields

Electrons Muons
signal MC 126.8 5.8 95.2 4.9
W+jet Backgound
59.5 18.1 27.6 7.5
Zgamma Background
6.3 0.3 17.4 1.0
Wgamma-> tau nu gamma
1.5 0.2 2.3 0.2
total SM+BG
194.1 19.1 142.4 9.5
195 128

Cross section for Et(gamma)>7 GeV and DeltaR(lepton,gamma)>0.7:

sigma(Wgamma) x BR(W->lepton +nu) [pb]
Theory : sigma(Wgamma) x BR(W-> lepton + nu) [pb] 19.31.4

Event criteria for Z+gamma

Et (transverse energy) > 25GeV, |eta(electron)|<2.8
central EM calorimeter (CEM) covers |eta|< 1.1 and plug calorimeter covers 1.2 < |eta|<2.8
Pt (transverse energy) > 20GeV, |eta(muon)|<1.1
Invariant mass(lepton,lepton)
M > 40 GeV
Et(transverse energy) > 7 GeV, |eta(photon)|<1.1

Zgamma events yields

Electrons Muons
signal MC 31.3 1.6 33.6 1.5
Z+jet Backgound
2.8 0.9 2.1 0.6
total SM+BG
34.1 1.8 35.7 1.7
36 35

Cross section for Et(gamma)>7 GeV, DeltaR(lepton,gamma)>0.7 and M(ll)>40 GeV

sigma(Zgamma) x BR(Z->lepton + lepton) [pb]
Theory : sigma(Zgamma) x BR(Z-> lepton + lepton) [pb] 4.50.3

Kinematic Distributions Wgamma
Et(gamma) photonEt
gif | eps
gif | eps
Wgamma: Cluster Transverse mass (lepton, photon, neutrino)
Zgamma: 3-body-mass(lepton, lepton, neutrino)
Mt(lgamma, nu)
gif | eps
M(llgamma, nu)
gif | eps
Wgamma: (l,v,g) cluster transverse mass versus (l,v) transverse mass
Zgamma: (l+,l-,g) 3-body mass versus (l+,l-) 2-body mass
cluster mass vs mt
gif | eps
M(l+,l-,g) vs M(l+,l-)
gif | eps

Last Updated February 01, 2005
Beate Heinemann( (Liverpool University)