Inclusive Z Production Cross-Section in the Di-Tau Channel


We present the result of a cross-section measurement of the Z to &tau &tau in ppbar collisions in the channel with one hadronically decaying tau and the other tau decaying electronically. This  measurement is based on 350/pb of Run II data. The measured cross-section is &sigma(ppbar to Z) Br(Z to &tau &tau) = 265 +- 20 (stat) +- 21(syst) +- 15 (lumi) pb in agreement with the NLO prediction. The paper describes in detail the hadronic tau selection procedure adopted at CDF and is expected to be the first published CDF-II precision measurement using hadronic taus.



Plots and Tables:

Final Events Kinematics:

Transverse momentum of the electron from the tau decay. Plot is available in EPS or TIFF format.

Visible transverse momentum of the hadronically decaying tau products. Plot is available in EPS or TIFF format.

Hadronic tau candidate number of track distribution for events passing all selection cuts except Ntrk=1,3 and opposite-sign requirement (background contribution in bins N=1,3,5 diminishes by a factor of 2 after applying the opposite-sign cut). Plot is available in EPS or TIFF format..

Invariant mass of the four-momenta of electron, hadronic tau candidate, and missing transverse energy, the latter is defined as a massless 4-vector with x- and y-components equal to the usual MET definition. Plot is available in EPS or TIFF format.

Number of observed events and background expectation for signal events. (*) Note that total systematic uncertainty includes an additional systematics associated with varying r from its default value of 1/6 to 0.15 and 0.18, that resulted in additional systematic uncertainty of 3.0 events on the sum of the backgrounds. Available in JPG format.

Tabulation of final systematic uncertainties. Available in JPG format.

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