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Authors: Matteo Bauce, Donatella Lucchesi, Simone Pagan Griso, Maria d'Errico, Doug Benjamin, Mark Kruse, Seog Oh, Geum Bong Yu, Massimo Casarsa, Eric James, Sergo Jindariani, Tom Junk, Britney Rutherford, Roman Lysak, Anadi Canepa, Dean Andrew Hidas, Aidan Robson, Rick St. Denis, Peter Bussey,Matthew Herndon, Jason Nett, Jennifer Pursley

Contacts: Matteo Bauce and Donatella Lucchesi


The Z0Z0 cross section measurement is important to test Standard Model predictions of Electro-Weak couplings. Deviations from the expected value can be due to new physics that can contribute through the anomalous trilinear gauge couplings and large extra-dimensions. In addition to that the Z0Z0 reconstruction is important to set the scale for the H→ZZ search. We aim at the determination of Z0Z0 production cross section and at the reconstruction of a sizeable diboson sample through the llνν decay channel. The analysis that uses 5.9 fb-1 of data, starts from dilepton events selection. A Neuro Bayes Neural Network technique is used to discriminate signal from background, after the removal of the Drell Yan events background with a cut on the minimum missing energy. The measured Z0Z0 cross section is 1.45+0.60-0.51 pb, in agreement with the Standard Model prediction 1.210.06-0.05 pb at Next to Leading Order. This measurement improves the previous CDF combined Z0Z0 production cross section measurement.

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The results should be considered preliminary until published in a refereed journal. They can be used in conference presentations with proper reference to the CDF Collaboration.

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