Kinematic Distributions of events in the 115 < MJJ < 175 GeV region

The leftmost plots are data compared to the background model with normalisations constrained by the standard fit. The rightmost plots are the background-subtracted data distributions.
Fig K1: Leading Jet ET.
Fig K2: Sub-Leading Jet ET.
Fig K3: Leading Jet η.
Fig K4: Sub-Leading Jet η.
Fig K5: W → lν Transverse Mass.
Fig K6: Missing Transverse Energy.
Fig K7: ΔRJJ.
Fig K8: ΔφJJ.
Fig K9: pTJJ.
Fig K10: Mt (a la ROOT) ie √(E2-Pz2) of JJ + lν system.
Fig K11: Transverse Mass of JJ + lν system.
Fig K12: Mass of JJ + lν system.
Fig K13: Q [= MWJJ - MJJ - MW] of JJ lν system.
Fig K14: Mass of JJ + lν system using the 2nd neutrino solution
Fig K15: PT of "visible" system i.e. PT(ljj)
Fig K16: Mass of "visible" system i.e. M(ljj)