Setting Limits on GMSB Models in &gamma&gamma+Met Final State

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  Eunsin Lee, Dave Toback - Texas A&M University
Ray Culbertson, Sasha Pronko - Fermilab
Max Goncharov - MIT

We present the results of an optimized search for a gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking model with &chi &rarr &gamma G with &tau(&chi )=0 ns in the &gamma&gamma+Met final state. We observed 0 event using 2.59 fb-1 of data collected by CDF II detector, which is consistent with the background estimate of 1.23± 0.38 events. We set cross section limits and mass limits as well as interpret our results for lifetimes up to 2 ns and find the exclusion region in the &chi lifetime vs. mass plane with a mass reach of 149 GeV/c2 at &tau(&chi )=0 ns.

Public Note: CDF 9625

Blessed Figures:

  1. The MetSig distributions with diphoton presample
    MetSig for Presample (.eps
  2. The predicted and observed kinematic N-1 distributions along with the expected GMSB signal for m(&chi)=140 GeV at &tau(&chi)=0 ns
    HT (.eps MetSig (.eps &Delta&phi(&gamma 1, &gamma 2) (.eps (Before unblinding: HT (.eps MetSig (.eps &Delta&phi(&gamma 1, &gamma 2) (.eps
  3. The expected 95% C.L. cross section limits vs. optimal cuts
    HT (.epsMetSig (.eps&Delta&phi(&gamma 1, &gamma 2) (.eps
  4. The expected 95% C.L. cross section limits and observed limits as a function of neutralino mass and lifetime
    Mass limits (.epsLifetime limits (.eps
  5. The expected and observed exclusion region (.eps) of the GMSB model as a function of neutralino mass and lifetime. Here are the prospective exclusion region(.eps) for the future searches
  6. PRL figures
    PRL figure 1 
    PRL figure 2 
    PRL figure 3 


Blessed Tables:

  1. The Background expectations table after optimizing with optimal cuts: HT > 200 GeV, MetSig > 3, &Delta&phi < &pi - 0.35 (=2.79)
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