Search for Photons from Long-Lived Particles at CDF
- Reblessed Tables and Figures for the PRL -

M. Goncharov, V. Krutelyov, E. Lee, D. Toback, P. Wagner

Texas A&M University

  We present the first search for heavy, long-lived particles that decay to photons at a hadron collider. We use a sample of gamma+jet+missing transverse energy events in $p{\bar p}$ collisions at \sqrt{s}=1.96 TeV taken with the CDF II detector. Candidate events are selected based on the arrival time of the photon at the detector. Using an integrated luminosity of 570 pb-1 of collision data, we observe 2 events, consistent with the background estimate of 1.3$\pm$0.7 events. While our search strategy does not rely on model-specific dynamics, we set cross section limits in a supersymmetric model with chi10-> gamma+gravitino and place the world-best 95\% C.L. lower limit on the \none\ mass of 101 GeV/c^2 at \tau_{chi10} = 5 ns.

Draft submitted to Phys Rev Lett: FERMILAB-PUB-07-075-E
Public Note: CDF 8378

Reblessed Tables and Figures:

  • The time distribution of background, signal and observed data in the time window containing all control regions.
  • The table with the efficiencies of each requirement.
  • The cross section limit as a function of neutralino mass and lifetime.
  • The expected and the observed exclusion region of the GMSB model as a function of neutralino mass and lifetime.

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