Classroom-Style Lecture Series (for every Fermilab user)

Lectures: Thursday 6:00 pm at 1 West, Wilson Hall
Food: Pizza at 5:30 in Wilson Hall Cafeteria
Live Stream available (archived)

         Date            Topic Speaker      Lecture Notes     
2005-02-17 Particle Theory QCD I Keith Ellis pdf
2005-02-24 Particle Theory QCD II Keith Elllis pdf
2005-03-03 Particle Theory QCD III Keith Elllis pdf
2005-03-10 Particle Theory B Physics I Ulrich Nierste
2005-03-17 Particle Theory    B Physics II    Ulrich Nierste
2005-03-24 Particle Theory Neutrino Physics I Boris Kayser pdf
2005-03-31 Particle Theory    Neutrino Physics II    Boris Kayser pdf
2005-04-07 Particle Theory    Extra Dimensions    Joe Lykken pdf
2005-04-14 Particle Theory Extra Dimensions Joe Lykken pdf
2005-04-28 Accelerator Electron Cooling Sergei Nagaitsev pdf, ppt
2005-06-23 Particle Theory SUSY I Carlos Wagner pdf
2005-06-30 Particle Theory SUSY II Carlos Wagner pdf
2005-07-21 Astro / Cosmology Astro/Cosmology I Rocky Kolb pdf
2005-07-28 Astro / Cosmology Astro/Cosmology II Rocky Kolb pdf

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