Measurement of the Run-II J/psi Inclusive Cross-section

Tomohiro Yamashita
Okayama University
Slawomir Tkaczyk, Ting Miao, Dmitri Litvintsev,
Jonathan Lewis, Mary Bishai
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Thomas LeCompte
Argonne National Laboratory
James Kraus
University of Illinois
Yuri Gotra
University of Pittsburgh


A description of our analysis and supporting documentation can be found in

A summary of the blessed results and plots can be found here.

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B-Group preblessing talk (PDF) 1/30/2003

B-Group blessing talk I (PDF) 2/13/2003

B-Group blessing talk II (PDF) 3/27/2003

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Mary Bishai
Fri Feb 28 20:52:05 CST 2003