A Search for Exotic S=-2 Baryons Decaying to Xi pi

This summarizes an analysis which searches for the rare exotic five quark baryons, pentaquark, decaying to Xi pi. These results were blessed at the B Physics Meeting 19-Feb-2004 and correspond to a dataset of 220 pb-1.


Manifestly exotic baryons decayin to Xi- pi- and Xi- pi+ were recently claimed by NA49 Experiment. Traditional 3-quark baryons cannot not decay to Xi- pi-. A signal in Xi- pi- invariant mass could be explained as 5-quark baryon state comprised of (dsd\bar{u}d) quarks, Xi- pi+, then is it's isospin partner. At CDF we have developed standalone silicon tracking of long lived Xi hyperons that allows to achive dramatic background reduction and improved momentum and impact parameter resolution. We have used clean sample of Xi hyperons to search for exotic states decaying to Xi pi


A complete description of the analysis is available here: html, ps.


Below the eps versions of all figures available for downloads.


A full description of the analysis is in cdfnote 6855

The pre-blessing talk at the B Physics meeting, and blessing talk offer a summary of the analysis.