Search for the Theta+ -> p K0S pentaquark in CDF Run II data

Following reports over the last year of evidence for exotic baryons containing 5 quarks (pentaquarks), we analyze CDF Run II data for evidence of the Theta+ pentaquark (u u d d s-bar) with a mass of about 1.54 GeV decaying into a proton and a K0S. Both low-pT data from the zerobias and minimum bias triggers, and high-pT data from the jet20 trigger are analyzed. Protons are identified with the time-of-flight detector. To investigate the sensitivity of CDF for this type of search, known resonances are reconstructed in the following modes: phi -> K+K-, K*0 -> K+pi-, Lambda(1520) -> pK- and K*+ ->pi+K0S. We find no evidence for a narrow resonance in the pK0S channel in either dataset.


A description of the analysis is available here.


Below the eps versions of all figures available for downloads.
If space limitations do not allow to show plots from both datasamples, we recommend the minbias plots.

For CDF collaborators only

A more detailed description of the analysis is available in CDFnote 6975

The pre-blessing talk at the April 15, 2004 B Physics meeting, and the April 28, 2004 blessing talk offer a summary of the analysis.