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This pages summarizes search for an exotic baryon state Thetac in CDF data.
The long-standing question of whether there are 5-quark baryons has been reinvigorated in the past year by multiple reports of the existence of a baryon decaying to a KN final state with positive strangeness. This state, the Theta(1540), is manifestly exotic and had been predicted in 1997 as the lightest member of an anti-decuplet of states on the basis of a chiral soliton model by Diakonov, Petrov, and Polyakov Z.Phys.A359:305-314,1997 . There should be a charmed analog of this decuplet. Charmed pentaquarks had been predicted much earlier by other authors based on different models. The H1 experiment recently reported the observation of a narrow baryon at 3099 Mev/c2 decaying to D*p + c.c. (hep-ex/0403017) This state is a candidate for the charmed pentaquark Thetac or perhaps an excited state thereof.

All references to spesific charged state imply charge conjugate state as well unless specifically stated otherwise.
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A full description of the analysis is in cdfnote 6978