Search for Lambda_b in pK-ppi decays

This WEB page summarize the blessed results for the measurement of the limit on the BR of the Lambda_b into pK and ppi decay modes. This has been produced for the summer conferences 2004 and has been blessed in the B Physcis Meeting on Thursday June 24, 2004. Here are reported the updated results that take in account the new values of the PDG 2004 and have been re-blessed on Thursday June 22, 2005.

There is a complete version of the results: html, ps, pdf.

Note: In this analysis the ratio of the production fractions f_Lambda and f_d is taken from the PDG 2004. Their ratio has been also measured on the data collected by CDF Run II (public web page of the analysis). This measurement suggests that the PDG value is a lower limit, therefore, using the PDG value we obtain a conservative limit on the BR.

Below the eps and gif versions of all figures meant for downloads.

Below the eps version of the figure included in the paper meant for download.