Ratio of Branching Fractions Br(B0 -> D+ Ds)/Br(B0 -> D+ 3 Pi)

Here we summarize the results for the measurement of the ratio of branching fractions Br(B0 -> D+ Ds)/Br(B0 -> D+ 3 Pi).
We measuered it for three Ds decay channels.

  • Ds -> Phi Pi
  • Ds -> K* K
  • Ds -> Pi Pi Pi

    And combined them together. Our final result is

    Br(B0 -> D+ Ds)/Br(B0 -> D+ 3 Pi) = 2.00 +/- 0.16(NC) +/- 0.12(syst) +/- 0.50(BR).

    The result was blessed for spring 2005 CKM conference.

    There is a summary of blessed results: DsD.ps.

    Below the eps files for all the blessed figures.

    Last updated 5 Apr 2005 by Boris Iyutin