Study of Semileptonic Bs Oscillations in the Two-Track Trigger Data Sample

We search for Bs flavor oscillations using Bs -> l Ds X decays recorded with the CDF II Detector during the Run II data period of the Tevatron Collider. The Ds mesons are reconstructed in three decay modes: Ds -> Phi Pi, Ds -> K* K and Ds -> Pi Pi Pi. Opposite side lepton and jet charge flavor taggers provide information about the b-quark flavor at the time of production of the Bs meson. Using an amplitude scan method, we obtain

Δms > 6.7 ps-1 @95 C.L.
expected sensitivity = 10.4 ps-1

This is the web page summarizing the blessed results of the mixing analysis in semileptonic Bs decays in the Two-Track Trigger Data Sample. Those have been produced for PANIC05 (October 24-28 2005) as part of the CDF ongoing effort in a Bs mixing analysis. They have been blessed in the B Physics Meeting on Thursday October 20, 2005.

A complete version of the results can be found in the CDF note 7907.

The results presented here superseed the previous Bs mixing results presented by the CDF Collaboration. Each analysis corresponds to a different trigger sample, and no attempt has been made (so far) to used both trigger samples by removing overlap events. The previous results can be found here.

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