Measurements of the Bc Production Cross Section and Lifetime Using Bc→J/ψeν Channel

This web page summarizes the result of Bc production cross section and lifetime analysis using Bc → J/ψ eν channel.

A complete summary of this results can be found here: ps.

Below are the eps files of figures and tables for download.

Production cross section analysis
σ(Bc)BR(Bc→J/ψeν)/σ(B+)BR(B+→J/ψK+) (pT(B)>4.0 GeV/c,|y|<1.0)
= 0.282 ± 0.038(stat.) ± 0.035(yield) ± 0.065(acceptance)

Lifetime analysis
τ(Bc) = 0.474 +0.073/-0.066(stat.) ± 0.033(syst.) ps