Measurement of the Bs - Bs Oscillation Frequency

We report a measurement of the Bs - Bs oscillations and a determination of |Vtd|/|Vts| using the CDF Detector operating at the Fermilab Tevatron. This result is derived from 1 fb-1 of pp collisions at 1.96TeV. We use semileptonic and hadronic Bs meson decays and observe a signature consistent with Bs - Bs oscillations. The probability that the data could randomly fluctuate to mimic such a signature is 0.2%. The results are as follows:

Δms  =  17.31  + 0.33
 -  0.18
(stat)  ± 0.07(sys)

 =  0.208  +0.001
 - 0.002 
(stat +sys)  +0.008
 - 0.006 

This result has been published in PRL: PRL 97, 062003 (2006).
This result supersedes limits set using 365 pb-1 in hadronic and semileptonic decays.


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Experimental Status

Below is a comparison of this result to relevant experimental work: