Measurement of the Ratio R=BR(B-->D0K-)/BR(B-->D0π-) in 360 pb-1.

This webpage summarizes the results for the measurement of R = BR(B-->D0K-)/BR(B-->D0π-).
This preliminary result was approved on April 20, 2006.


The partial widths of B-->D0(CP)K- decays (D0->K-π+ and D0CP+->K+K-, π+π-) provide a theoretically clean way of measuring the CKM angle gamma.
We present the measurement of the ratio R = BR(B-->D0K-)/BR(B-->D0π-) that is the first step through the gamma angle measurement.
The value of the ratio is:

R = 0.065 ± 0.007 (stat) ± 0.004 (sys)


A complete description of the analysis is available here: note-8242.


Below the .eps and .gif versions of all figures available for download.