Measurement of the branching ratio of D+ &rarr &pi&minus&pi+&pi+

This web page summarizes the results for the measurement of the D+ &rarr &pi&minus&pi+&pi+ branching ratio, based upon 193 pb&minus 1 of data.
The results have been approved as of August 31, 2006.

We measure:

B(D+ &rarr &pi&minus&pi+&pi+)/ B(D+ &rarr K&minus&pi+&pi+) = (3.461 ± 0.038(stat.) ± 0.040(syst.) )%

Using the PDG2006 world average branching ration B(D+ &rarr K&minus&pi+&pi+) = (9.51 ± 0.34)%, we find B(D+ &rarr &pi&minus&pi+&pi+) = (3.29± 0.11)10&minus 3.

A more detailed summary of the results can be found here: ps. Below are the eps and gif versions of all figures meant for downloads.