First Observation of Heavy Baryons Σband Σb*

Primary authors: Jennifer Pursley, Petar Maksimovic, Dmitry Litvintsev, Igor Gorelov, Elena Vataga, Mat Martin, Michael Schmidt, Richard J. Tesarek, Sally Seidel

This web page summarizes the results of the search for the new heavy baryons Σb and Σb* based upon 1.1 fb-1 of data.
The results were initally blessed in the B group meeting on Sept. 21, 2006. Updates to these results were blessed in the B group meetings on Dec. 14, 2006; Feb. 15, 2007; and May 10, 2007. Using the fully reconstructed decay mode

Σb(*)±→Λb0π±;     Λb0→Λc+π-;     Λc+→pK-π+
we measure:
The probability for the background to produce this signal is below the 5σ level.

A more detailed summary of the results can be found here: pdf

Below are the eps and gif versions of all figures meant for downloads.