Hb Cross Section Measured Using Hb → &mu D0, D0 → &pi K

This web page summarizes the results for the measurement of the Hb cross section using the decays Hb → &mu D0, D0 → &pi K and Hb → &mu D*+, D*+ →D0 &pi+s, D0 → &pi K based upon 83 pb-1 of data. Here, Hb is an admixture of b hadrons.
The results have been approved as of October 25, 2006.

For Hb with pT > 9.0 GeV/c and |y| < 0.6, we measure:

We correct for the branching ratios taken from PDG 2004 2005 partial update for edition 2006. This gives:

Recent fixed order next leading log (FONLL) calculations predict [1]:
for Hb with with pT > 9.0 GeV/c and |y| < 0.6.
[1] M. Cacciari, S. Frixione, M.L. Mangano, P. Nason, G. Ridolfi, JHEP 0407:033 (2004), hep-ph/0312132

Below are the eps versions of all figures meant for downloads.

[2] D. Acosta et al., Phys. Rev. D 71:032001 (2005), hep-ex/0412071