Search for the rare decays B+ &rarr &mu+&mu&minusK+, B0 &rarr &mu+&mu&minusK*0, and Bs &rarr &mu+&mu&minus&phi .

This web page summarizes the measurement of rare flavor-changing neutral current B meson decays with two muons in the final state, based based upon 924 pb&minus 1 of CDF II data. The results have been approved as of November 30, 2006.

We measure:

B(B+ &rarr &mu+&mu&minusK+) = (0.60 ± 0.15 ± 0.04)×10-6,
B(B0 &rarr &mu+&mu&minusK*0) = (0.82 ± 0.31 ± 0.10)×10-6, and
B(Bs &rarr &mu+&mu&minus&phi)/ B(Bs &rarr J/ψ&phi) < 2.61(2.30)×10-3 at 95(90)%CL.

A more detailed summary of the results can be found here: ps.

Below are the eps and gif versions of all figures meant for downloads: