Evidence for D0-D0bar Mixing

Primary authors: Paul Karchin, Nagesh Kulkarni, and Mark Mattson

This web page summarizes the time dependent measurement of D0-D0bar mixing, using approximately 1.5 fb-1 of CDF II data.

This analysis is a continuation of the work done for the time independent measurement of D0 &rarr K+ &pi - Wrong Sign DCS Decays using 0.35 fb-1, where the fits were done with the assumption of no-mixing. The time independent DCS analysis was published in PRD RC 74, 031109 2006

Summary of the charm mixing analysis and results can be found in this public note (PDF).


"Right Sign" refers to the decay chain D* &rarr &pi+ D0, D0 &rarr K- &pi+, which results from the Cabibbo Favored decay of D0.
"Wrong Sign" refers to the decay chain D* &rarr &pi+ D0, D0 &rarr K+ &pi-, which results from Doubly Cabibbo Suppressed decays and charm mixing.


The results are:
Support plots: