Measurement of the &psi(2S) Production Cross Section with 1.1 fb-1 of Run II data

This web page summarizes the blessed results for the measurement of the &psi(2S) production cross section performed using the decay channel &psi(2S) &rarr &mu&mu covering the kinematic range 2 GeV/c &le pT(&psi(2S)) &le 30 GeV/c for |y| &le 0.6, based upon 1.1fb-1 of CDF Run II data. The data correspond to an effective integrated luminosity of 954.1 pb-1. The fraction of prompt &psi(2S) events is separated from the decay of the long-lived b hadrons using the proper decay length distribution in a mass-lifetime joint unbinned maximum likelihood fit.
The results have been approved as of October 18, 2007.

The integrated differential cross section for inclusive &psi(2S) production is measured to be:

And for prompt &psi(2S) production:

A complete description of the analysis is available in public note.

The differential cross sections for inclusive, prompt production and the &psi(2S) production from B-Decay are shown below.

Below are the eps, gif, and jpg versions of all figures meant for downloads.