Measurement of Bs &rarr &Phi &Phi Branching Ratio with 2.9 fb-1 data

Primary authors: Benedetto di Ruzza, Mirco Dorigo, Lorenzo Ortolan, Marco Rescigno, Anna Maria Zanetti, Giacomo Artoni

This web page summarizes the results of the ratio of the BR(Bs0 &rarr &Phi &Phi) to the BR(Bs0 &rarr J/&psi &Phi). The measurement is done with 2.9 fb-1 of Two Track Trigger data.

The results have been approved by B Group Meeting as of June 19, 2009.

A more detailed description of the results can be found:

The analysis

The measurement consists in the evaluation of this ratio:


The optimized cuts for the two signals are summarized in the following table:

The signal yields are shown in the figures:

The final result of the ratio is:

from which, using the Branching Ratio of Bs &rarr J/&psi &phi, modified according to the updated measurements of the ratio of production cross section of Bs and Bd mesons, we have:

BR(Bs &rarr &Phi &Phi) = [2.40 ± 0.21(stat) ± 0.27(syst) ± 0.82(BR)] 10 &minus 5

where the last error is due to the uncertainty in the Bs &rarr J/&psi &Phi Branching Ratio.

The blessed figures are:

Theory Prediction

Previous Result