Measurement of the Bc Lifetime using Bc -> J/ψ π

This web page summarizes the results of the measurement of the Bc lifetime using Bc -> J/ψ π based upon approximately 6.7 fb-1 of data.
The results have been approved as of Aug. 4, 2011. This latest result follows the previously measured Bc mass measurement based upon 2.4 fb-1 (mass measurement).

The lifetime of the Bc is measured using the fully-reconstructed Bc -> J/ψ π decay from a data sample of 6.7 fb-1. Several methods of extracting the lifetime are studied. These methods differ in the handling and modeling of the underlying background, selection criteria, and fitting technique. The relative agreement between these methods gives a strengthened confidence in the result. We measure:

Theoretical predictions of the Bc lifetime typically range from 0.4-0.7ps.

A public note summarizing the analysis can be found here: .ps .pdf
A three page powerpoint summary can be found here: .pptx .pdf.
A web page for the analysis for CDF collaborators only: web page

Below are the blessed figures.