Measurement of indirect CP-violating asymmetries in D0 → K+K and D0 → π+π decays at CDF

Primary authors: A. Di Canto, S. Leo, P. Maestro, K. Pitts, D. Tonelli

A search for indirect CP violation in D0 → K+K and D0 → π+π decays is performed using the full Run II data set, corresponding to 9.7 fb−1 of integrated luminosity and collected by the trigger on displaced tracks.

Exploiting the strong D*+ →D0 π+ decay to identify the flavor of the neutral charmed meson at production time, we measure in each decay mode the asymmetry in several decay-time bins between the numbers of charm and anticharm decays. By fitting the yield asymmetry as a function of decay time with a linear function, we measure the amount of indirect CP violation, which is linked to the effective-lifetime asymmetry AΓ, by ACPind = −AΓ.

The analysis is described in CDF Public Note 11117.

The results do not show any sign of indirect CP violation:

AΓ+π) = [-0.1 ± 1.8 (stat.) ± 0.3 (syst.)] × 10−3,
AΓ(K+K) = [-1.9 ± 1.5 (stat.) ± 0.4 (syst.)] × 10−3,

They are among the most precise measurements to date of these quantities and are compatible with those from other experiments.

Figure: yield asymmetry versus decay time with fit projections overlaid.

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