Search for Higgs Bosons Produced in Association with b-Quarks

(CDF Collaboration)

Corresponding Authors: Tom Wright and Dan Amidei, University of Michigan

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We present a search for neutral Higgs bosons decaying into bb, produced in association with b quarks in pp collisions. This process could be observable in supersymmetric models with high values of tanβ. We search for an enhancment in the mass of the two lead jets m12 in triply b-tagged events, using a data sample corresponding to 2.2/fb of integrated luminosity collected with the CDF II detector at the Fermilab Tevatron collider. The dijet mass spectrum of the heavy flavor multi-jet background is derived from double-tagged data in a manner that accounts for tagging biases and kinematic differences introduced by the addition of the third tag. The levels of background and possible signal are determined by a two-dimensional fit of the data, using m12 and an additional variable xtags which is sensitive to the flavor composition of the three tagged jets. We set mass-dependent limits on &sigma x BR(H→bb) which are applicable for a narrow Higgs or other scalar particle produced in association with b quarks. We also interpret the results as limits on tanβ in MSSM models including the effects of the Higgs width.

Supporting Documents

Public note for Winter 2010 conferences (CDF/10105)

Plots from the note for presentations