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We present an update of the CDF search for a Standard Model Higgs boson decaying into a pair of W bosons using the eτ and μτ signatures. Using 5.9 fb-1 of data collected with the high-pT electron and muon triggers, we reconstruct and select all candidate events with either an electron or a muon and a hadronic tau in the final state.
We expect 435 ± 70 background events in the eτ channel and 291 ± 43 events in the μτ channel and 1.07 ± 0.10 and 0.65 ± 0.06 signal events, respectively, for a Higgs mass of 165 GeV/c2. In data we observe 446 eτ events and 295 μτ events. We set a 95% C.L. upper limit on σ/σSM of 23.5 for a Higgs mass hypothesis of 165 GeV/c2. The expected 95% C.L. upper limit for the same mass is 14.5.


Supporting Documents:

  • More details are provided in the public note.
  • The previous result with 4.8 fb-1 may be found here.

    General Remarks:

  • The preliminary results were blessed in the Higgs Group on June 18, 2010 for the Summer 2010 Conferences.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about including these results in a presentation.

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