Search for the Higgs Boson Produced in Association with Top Quarks Using 7.5/fb


We present a new Higgs search analysis using the ttH associated production channel in the lepton plus jets final state. This analysis has a similar final state to the existing WH to lvbb analysis, so we have used much of the existing WH machinery. We exploit the high jet and high b-jet multiplicity in these events to both select a sample expected to contain ttH and to maintain orthogonality with other Higgs searches using the lepton plus jets final state. We search for a Higgs boson in the range 100 GeV/c^2 < m_H < 170 GeV/c^2, using neural networks optimized for each mass point independently. Using 7.5/fb of data, we obtain an expected (observed) limit on the Higgs boson production cross section of 11.7 (22.9) times the expected Standard Model value for a Higgs mass of 115 GeV/c^2.

Detailed documentation is available in the public note, available here

Validation Plots

Final Output Discriminants

Expected and Observed Limits

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