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We present an analysis searching for Standard Model Higgs to WW* production in dilepton plus MET channels using 2.4 fb-1 of integrated luminosity. We find 661 candidates with an expectation of 626 +- 54 background and 9.5 signal for Standard Model Higgs at 160 GeV/c2. In order to maximize sensitivity, a combined Matrix Element method and neural network approach is utilized to distinguish signal from background processes. The median expected 95% C.L. limit at a Higgs mass of 160 GeV/c2 is 2.5+1.0-0.7 times the Standard Model prediction at NNLL, while the observed limit is 1.6 times the Standard Model prediction.


Supporting documents

The results were firstly presented at Moriond 2008.
More details are refered to public note.
Matrix Element Results at 1.9fb-1 html.


General remarks

The preliminary results were blessed in February 29, 2008.

Please notify us if you want to include these results in your presentation.


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