High-Pt B-Tagging at CDF-II

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The plots show the false positive tag rate (including asymmetry corrections). These have been measured from inclusive jet data.


The following plots show the efficiency to tag jets in top quark Monte Carlo samples which have been matched to b quarks, using both the "tight", "loose" and "ultra-tight" tunes of the SecVtx tagger. The efficiency is obtained by multiplying the tag rate for such jets in the Monte Carlo by our data/MC scale factors of 0.95±0.04 for the tight tagger, 0.95±0.05 for the loose and 0.88±0.05 for the ultra-tight. The bands represent the systematic error on the data/MC scale factors. The decrease in efficiency at high jet Et is due to declining yield of good silicon tracks passing the quality cuts.

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Enrique Palencia, Sebastian Gristein - September 08