Summary of Tevatron Top Mass Results - March 2009

Summary of the Tevatron top mass measurements and their combination as of March 2009. We combine published results from Run-I (1992-1996) with the most recent preliminary and published Run-II (2001-present) measurements using up to 3.6 fb-1 of data. Taking correlated uncertainties properly into account the resulting preliminary Tevatron average mass of the top quark is

Mtop = 173.1 ± 0.6 (stat) ± 1.1 (syst) GeV/c2

which corresponds to a total uncertainty of 1.3 GeV/c2.

More information can be found in hep-ex/0903.2503v1.

References about the individual analyses contributing to this combination can be found from the CDF public page and D0 public page.

Previous July 2008 combination webpage and arxiv document

The weight each analysis carries in the Tevatron combination is shown here.