Search for heavy bottom-like quarks decaying to an electron or muon and jets at CDF

D. Whiteson1, T. Schwarz2, A. Ivanov3
A. Lister4, R. Erbacher2, J. Conway2

1 University of California, Irvine
2 University of California, Davis
3 Kansas State 4 Geneva

for the CDF Collaboration

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We present a search for pair production of a heavy bottom-like fourth-generati on quark $b'$ decaying via $b'\rightarrow Wt\rightarrow WWb$ in the lepton+jets channel.
We construct a variable "Jet-HT", defined as which is sensitive to the large-HT and large jet multiplicity of our signal. We perform a template fit to the data.
We observe events consistent with background expectation and exclude

m<372 GeV at 95% CL

Jet-HT plot
Jet multiplicity
Limit plot