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We present the single top quark analysis in lepton plus jets final state using 7.5 fb-1 of pp collision data collected by CDF Run II experiment. We select events in the W + jets topology consistent with the signature of a charged lepton (electron or muon), large missing transverse energy from the W boson decay and two or three jets, at least one of them is required to be identified as originating from a bottom quark. We use the new POWHEG Monte Carlo generator for single top signal samples in s-channel, t-channel and Wt-channel, which are extended at NLO accuracy, with an assumed top quark mass of 172.5 GeV/c2. The Neural Network multivariate method is used to discriminant signal from comparatively large backgrounds. We measure a cross section of 3.04+0.57-0.53 (stat. + syst.) pb and extract the CKM matrix element value Vtb=0.96 ± 0.09(stat. + syst.) ± 0.05(theory). We obtain a 95% confidence level lower limit of Vtb > 0.78.

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The results should be considered preliminary until published in a refereed journal. They can be used in conference presentations with proper reference to the CDF Collaboration.


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