Systematics prescriptions for Summer 2008
Work on most final (i.e. for publication) systematic prescriptions is still ongoing. Please see here for details. We need the support and active involvement of all top mass analysis people to make the prescriptions final. The sooner you volunteer to participate in pinning down your favorite systematic, the sooner you can go ahead and publish your analysis. Waiting on the sideline is not an option!
Prescriptions for evaluating systematic uncertanties in top mass analyses for 2008 Winter conferences are described below. A list of tasks to be finalized before the next publication round is available here. Again, volunteer to help!
  1. Jet Energy Scale
  2. Residual Jet Energy Scale (for in-situ JES measurements)
  3. PDF (updated on April 30, 2008)
  4. ISR/FSR
  5. MC Generator (Use updated prescription)
  6. Background fraction and shape
  7. b-tagging
  8. b-jet energy scale (Use updated prescription)
  9. Lepton pT
  10. Multiple Interactions (Use updated prescription)
  11. Other
  12. Interpretation of shifts UPDATED

Note that the files named here are gen6.

(1/2) Jet Energy Scale / Residual JES

(3) PDF


(5) MC Generator

(6) Background fraction and shape

(7) b-tagging efficiency

This systematic has been removed because it is typically vanishingly small. However, analyses that might be particularly sensitive to an Et-dependent mismodeling of the b-tagging efficiency (e.g. those using L2D as an observable!) should still evaluate a related systematic.

(8) b-jet energy scale

(9) Lepton PT

(10) Multiple Interactions

(11) Other

Possible sources of additional systematics (see to do list for more details):