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    Bottom - QCD - Electroweak - Top - Exotic physics

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               - Latest on Mtop, MW, MHiggs


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  • Statistics: CDF Statistics Committee

  • Higgs Sensitivity Committee Final Report 10/17/03 Fermilab-Pub-03/320-E (pdf)

    CDF Physics Analysis Highlights

  • Top
    This group studies the properties of the top quark, the heaviest known fundamental particle.
  • QCD
    This group studies the properties of the strong interaction.
  • Electroweak
        This group studies production and properties of W and Z bosons and Drell Yan lepton pairs.
  • The Exotic Physics Group of CDF
        This group searches for Supersymmetry and other new Phenomena.
  • The Bottom Physics Group of CDF
        This group studies the production and decay of B hadrons.

    Summaries of CDF publications for non-experts 1997

    Tevatron Working Groups

  • Tevatron Electroweak WG

    LEP Working Groups

  • LEP Electroweak WG
  • LEP 4-Jet WG
  • LEP Higgs WG
  • LEP B lifetimes WG
  • LEP B oscillations WG


  • Observation of the Top Quark at CDF

    Ph.D. THESES

  • CDF Graduate Student Theses

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