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13 Jan 2006. The note "TRandom Pitfalls" added to the modeling section of the recommendations page. This note should be read by all users of ROOT's random number class TRandom, which is shown to be defective.

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bullet Charge to the Committee

The mandate from the CDF Spokespersons is as follows:

"The charge of the Statistics Committee is to identify typical problems in statistical analysis of CDF data and to propose solutions which conform to sound statistical procedures. Examples of such problems are setting limits, fitting to theoretical predictions and merging of results from different analyses/experiments. The committee is requested to document their recommendations in the form of CDF notes and public Web pages, and present the proposals to the CDF Scientific Council for approval."

The committee is requested to identify the first set of problems to be treated by June 30 2000 and to provide well documented recommendations for that set by January 2001. The particular problem of setting limits should be treated on a shorter time scale to take advantage of recent information from the CERN and Fermilab Limits Workshops."


bullet Contacting the Committee

We encourage input from members of the CDF collaboration. They should feel free to email the Statistics Committee with any comments or suggestions they may have. We also welcome their questions (no matter how large or small) on statistical issues related to high energy physics analyses.


bullet Recommendations

There are a number of complex issues that arise in the use of statistical inference to extract information about physical important phenomena.  The recommendations documented in the links below range from links to books and notes to discussion of the merits and known pitfalls of various techniques. This information is organized along the lines of flow of a typical analysis:


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While almost all the papers located in the sites listed in this section are of high quality, there are a few that are dubious. Caveat Emptor.  

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