Transparencies from 1999 CDF Talks

Nov 16-19, 1999, Frascati, Italy

  • CDF Results on the Measurement of Sin(2beta) (pdf) (Craig Blocker)

    B Physics at the Tevatron in Run II and Beyond
    Sept. 23-25, 1999 FNAL

  • B Physics at the Tevatron in Run I (ps)  (William Wester)
  • Expectations and Aspirations in Run II (ps)  (Joe Kroll)

    Lepton Photon 99
    August 9-14,1999, Stanford.

  • B Physics at the Tevatron in Run II (pdf)  (Manfred Paulini)

    July 15-21 1999, Tampere, Finland

  • Top Production at CDF (ps)  (Fotios Ptohos)
  • Top Properties at CDF (ps)  (Phil Koehn)
  • J/psi, psi', and Upsilon Production in ppbar collisions  (Robert Cropp)
  • B spectroscopy in ppbar collisions (ps)  (Gerry Bauer)
  • W Mass (ps)  (Bill Carithers)
  • Jet Studies at the Tevatron (ps)  (Andrey Korytov)
  • b-bbar Rapidity Correlations (ps)  (Ronan McNulty )
  • Measurement of Sin(2beta) (ps)  (Gerry Bauer)
  • SUSY (ps)  (Aurore Savoy)
  • Higgs Searches at the Tevatron and Prospects for Run II (ps)  (Juan Valls)

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