Transparencies from 2003 CDF Talks

FNAL Wine and Cheese
5 December, 2003

  • Beauty and Charm Production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Mary Bishai)

    BEAUTY 2003 - 9th International Conference on B Physics at Hadron Machines
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    14-18 October, 2003

  • Recent Results from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Robert Harr)
  • Spectroscopy and Rare Decays: Present and Future (pdf) (Cheng-Ju Lin)
  • Heavy Flavor Production and Cross Sections (pdf), (ppt) (Chunhui Chen)
  • Future Prospects on B Mixing (pdf) (Ting Miao)
  • CP Violation Prospects at the Tevatron (pdf) (Petar Maksimovic)

    Weak Interactions and Neutrinos
    Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
    6-11 October, 2003

  • SM EWK Breaking Searches  (Peter McNamara)
  • Non-SM EWK Breaking Searches (pdf), (ppt) (Song Ming Wang)
  • B Physics at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos)
  • Charm Physics at CDF (pdf), (ps) (Kai Yi)

    International Conference on Flavor Physics
    Seoul, Korea
    6-11 October, 2003

  • B Physics at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Shinhong Kim)
  • Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Dave Gerdes)

    Third International Workshop on B Physics and CP Violation
    Taipei, Taiwan
    29 September - 1 October, 2003

  • B Physics at CDF (pdf) (Fumi Ukegawa)

    International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium
    Batavia, Illinois
    20-22 September, 2003

  • Quarkonium production: new results from CDF (ps) (Gerry Bauer)
  • Quarkonium production at CDF (pdf) (Yuri Gotra)

    Small x and Diffraction 2003
    Batavia, Illinois
    17-20 September, 2003

  • Double Pomeron Dijets in Run II (pdf) (Koji Terashi)
  • Run II diffr structure function: Q2 dependence (pdf), (ppt) (Michele Gallinaro)
  • Run II diffr structure function: xi dependence (pdf), (ppt) (Christina Mesropian)
  • Soft DPE (pdf), (ppt) (Kenichi Hatakeyama)
  • Central Gaps in Diffractive Clusers (pdf) (Mary Convery)
  • Exclusive chi_c in Run II DPE (pdf) (Angela Wyatt)
  • Exclusive DPE (glueballs etc) (pdf) (Andrew Hamilton)

    International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
    Cracow, Poland
    5-11 September 2003

  • Charm, Beauty, and Top Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Kurt Rinnert)
  • Jet Physics at CDF (ppt) (Andrey Korytov)
  • Diffraction at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Michele Gallinaro)

    QFTHEP 2003
    Volga River
    4-11 September, 2003

  • CDF Results (ppt) (Fedor Ratnikov)

    Lepton/Photon 2003
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
    11-16 August, 2003

  • Top Quark Measurements at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Patrizia Azzi)
  • Higgs and SUSY Searches (pdf) (Michael Schmitt)
  • Mixings, Lifetimes, Spectroscopy and Production of b-quarks (pdf), (ppt) (Kevin Pitts)     (Figures can be found here)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    8 August, 2003

  • Recent CDF Results (pdf) (Aaron Dominguez)

    SLAC Topical Conference
    Menlo Park, California
    6-8 August 2003

  • Recent Physics Results from CDF and D0 (pdf), (ppt) (Evelyn Thomson)

    HEP 2003 (EPS)
    Aachen, Germany
    17-23 July 2003

  • Rare Charm and B Decays (ppt) (Julia Thom)
  • Measurements of Jet and Multijet Cross sections in CDF (pdf) (Matthias Toennesmann)
  • Studies of Jet Shapes and Fragmentation Differences of Quark and Gluon Jets at CDF (ppt) (Andrey Korytov)
  • Studies of W+jets and Prompt Diphoton Production at CDF (pdf) (Soushi Tsuno)
  • Bottom and Charm Quark Production in CDF (ppt) (Tara Shears)
  • Results on Diffraction at CDF (pdf) (Angela Wyatt)
  • B Hadron Masses and Branching Ratios at CDF (ppt) (Saverio D'Auria)
  • J/psi, B Lifetime and flavour tagging at CDF (ppt) (Sinead Farrington)
  • Top Quark Cross section Measurements at the Tevatron (pdf) (Wolfgang Wagner)
  • Top Quark Mass Measurements at the Tevatron (ppt) (Takasumi Maruyama)
  • Electroweak Physics with CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Antonio Sidoti)
  • Results on CP Violation from CDF (pdf) (Stefano Giagu)
  • Search for Stop and Sbottom Squarks (ppt) (Carsten Rott)
  • Search for Physics Beyond the SM in ttbar Production (pdf), (ppt) (Petra Merkel)
  • Search for New Particles Decaying into Dijets/Dileptons (pdf) (Mapo Giordani)
  • Searches in Photonic Final States (ppt) (Beate Heinemann)

    Physics at LHC
    Prague, Czech Republic
    7-12 July 2003

  • Higgs Prospects in Run 2 at the Tevatron (pdf) (John Conway)
  • B Physics at Fermilab (pdf) (Manfred Paulini)
  • Prospects for B_s Mixing at CDF (ps), (pdf) (Stephanie Menzemer)

    Physics in Collision 2003
    Zeuthen, Germany
    26-28 June 2003

  • Top and Electroweak Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Mark Kruse)
  • Heavy Flavor Production with Leptons and Hadrons (pdf) (Vaia Papadimitriou)
  • B_s, Lambda_B and Charm Results from the Tevatron (ppt) (Farrukh Azfar)

    QCD@Work 2003
    Conversano, Italy
    14-18 June 2003

  • QCD and Hadron Physics at CDF (pdf) (Andrey Korytov)

    SLAC Experimental Seminar
    10 June 2003

  • First Beauty and Charm Results from CDF II (pdf), (ps) (Christoph Paus)

    SUSY 2003
    Tucson, Arizona
    5-9 June 2003

  • Searches for New Particles at the Tevatron (pdf), (ps) (Steve Worm)
  • Search for Higgs at CDF (pdf) (Chris Neu)
  • Search for SUSY in CDF (ppt), (pdf) (Arnold Pompos)
  • SUSY Searches with Photons in CDF (ppt), (pdf) (Sung-Won Lee)
  • Searches for Z' and Extra Dimensions in CDF (ps) (Koji Ikado)

    FPCP 03
    Paris, France
    3-6 June 2003

  • B Physics Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Craig Blocker)
  • Branching Ratios of B_s and Lambda_b (pdf), (ppt) (Mat Martin)
  • Top Results from the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Mircea Coca)
  • Search for Additional Decay Modes of and Partners to the DsJ(2317)+ (pdf) (Marjorie Shapiro)

    FNAL Users' Meeting
    Batavia, Illinois
    2-3 June, 2003

  • Top and Electroweak Results from CDF (ppt) (Igor Volobouev)
  • Heavy Flavor and QCD Results from CDF (ps) (Ilya Kravchenko)
  • Searches for New Particles in CDF (ppt) (Chris Hays)

    Madrid, Spain
    26-31 May 2003

  • Recent CDF Results from Run 2 (ppt), (pdf) (Mario Martinez-Perez)

    CIPANP 2003
    New York, NY
    19-24 May 2003

  • B physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Jack Cranshaw)
  • Testing V-A in Top Decays at CDF (ppt) (Ben Kilminster)
  • QCD Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Christina Mesropian)
  • Aspects of Diffraction at the Tevatron (pdf) (Dino Goulianos)

    Pheno 2003
    Madison, WI
    5-7 May 2003

  • CDF Results from Run 2 (ppt), (pdf) (Ken Bloom)

    IV International Symposium on LHC Physics and Detectors
    Batavia, Illinois
    1-3 May 2003

  • Recent Results in High Pt Physics from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Greg Veramendi)
  • Beauty and Charm Physics at CDF RunII (pdf) (Mary Bishai)

    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    23-27 April 2003

  • Electroweak Physics (pdf), (ppt) (Tim Nelson)
  • Searches for New Physics with CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Toni Munar)
  • Jet and multijet cross sections (ppt) (Anwar Bhatti)
  • Underlying event studies (ppt) (Stefano Lami)
  • Diffractive Physics (ps) (Koji Terashi)
  • New Charm(onium) Results (pdf) (Arndt Meyer)
  • Heavy Flavor Results from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Yuri Gotra)

    2nd Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle
    Durham, UK
    5-9 April 2003

  • Performance of CDF for B Physics (pdf) (Rolf Oldeman)
  • B_s Physics and Prospects at the Tevatron (ppt) (Donatella Lucchesi)
  • B Lifetimes and Lifetime differences (pdf) (Jonas Rademacker)
  • Status of SVX Silicon Vertex Trigger at CDF (ppt) (Ivan Vila)

    APS/DPF 2003
    5-8 April 2003

  • Electroweak physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Ashutosh Kotwal)
  • B physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Simone Donati)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    21,28 March, 2003

  • Top, Electroweak, and Exotic Physics in CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Eva Halkiadakis)
  • Charm, B, and QCD Physics in CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Masa Tanaka)

    CERN Particle Physics Seminar
    Geneva, Switzerland
    25 March 2003

  • CDF Results from Run 2 (ppt) (Al Goshaw)

    Moriond - QCD
    Les Arcs, France
    15-22 March 2003

  • SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (ppt), (ps) (Alexei Safonov)
  • QCD Physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Michele Gallinaro)
  • Top Quark Production Cross Section at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Susana Cabrera)
  • Measurements of W/Z Production Cross Sections at the Tevatron (ps) (Tommaso Dorigo)
  • Charm Production at the Tevatron (ps) (Andreas Korn)
  • Masses, Lifetimes and Decays of B Hadrons at the Tevatron (pdf) (Laurent Vacavant)

    Moriond - EWK
    Les Arcs, France
    15-22 March 2003

  • Top/W/Z in CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Phil Koehn)
  • Searches for New Particles in CDF (pdf) (Simona Rolli)
  • B Physics in CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Diego Tonelli)

    SUGRA 20
    Boston MA
    17-20 March 2003

  • SUGRA-related results from CDF (pdf), (ps) (Michael Schmitt)

    XVII Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste
    La Thuile, Valle d'Aoste, Italy
    9-15 March, 2003

  • Top/Electroweak Physics in CDF (ps), (ppt), (Slide Show)  (Anyes Taffard)
  • QCD Physics in CDF (ppt), (pdf), (ps) (Rob Snihur)
  • Searches for New Phenomena in CDF (ps), (pdf) Luca Scodellaro)
  • Charm Physics in CDF (ps) (Ivan Furic)
  • B Physics in CDF (ps) (Matt Herndon)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    21,28 February, 2003

  • A Test of Lepton Universality in W Decays at CDF in Run II (ps)  (Pasha Murat)
  • Search for New Massive Stable Charged Particles at CDF in Run II (ps)  (Rick Snider)

    Lake Louise Winter Institute
    Lake Louise, Alberta
    16-22 February 2003

  • Top/Electroweak Physics in CDF (pdf) (Brian Winer)
  • B Physics in CDF (ps) (Konstantin Anikeev)

    Aspen 2003
    Aspen, Colorado
    19-25 January 2003

  • Top and electroweak physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Robin Erbacher)
  • B Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Jonathan Lewis)

    Cracow Epiphany Conference on Heavy Flavors
    Cracow, Poland
    4-6 January 2003

  • Top physics in CDF (ppt) (Kris Sliwa)
  • B Physics in CDF (ppt) (Irene Fiori)

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