Transparencies from 2004 CDF Talks

FNAL Wine and Cheese
3 December, 2004

  • Evidence for the Exclusive Decay B_c->J/Psi pi (pdf) (Saverio D'Auria)

    CP Studies and Non SM Higgs Physics
    2-3 December, 2004

  • Searching for Higgs Triplets at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Chris Hays)

    Euro GDR Supersymmetry Meeting
    Frascati, Italy
    25-27 November, 2004

  • Recent Results form CDF on Extra Dimensions (ppt) (Tracey Pratt)

    Baryons 04
    Ecole Polytechnique,Palaiseau, France
    25-29 October, 2004

  • Recent CDF Results on Heavy and Exotic Baryons (ppt) (Francesca Curbis)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    19 November, 2004

  • Di-Boson Physics at CDF (pdf) (David Waters)

    APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics
    24-26 October, 2004

  • Beauty and Charm Production at CDF (ps) (Mary Bishai)
  • Production and properties of X(3872) at CDF (pdf), (ps) (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos)
  • Measurements of Orbitally Excited D-Mesons at CDF (pdf) (Igor Gorelov)
  • Searches for Pentaquarks at CDF (pdf) (Dmitri Litvintsev)
  • Measurements of B Hadron Properties at CDF (pdf), (ps) (Saverio D'Auria)

    International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonia
    Beijing, China
    12-15 October 2004

  • Recent CDF Results on Heavy Quarkonium (pdf) (Greg Feild)

    SLAC Experimental Seminar
    7 October 2004

  • Current CDF B Physics Results (pdf) (Matt Herndon)

    HEP-MAD04 - 2nd HEP Conference in Madagascar
    Antananarivo, Madagascar
    27 September - 3 October, 2004

  • CDF results (ppt) (Ambra Gresele)

    Flavor Physics & CP Violation
    EXCO, Daegu, Korea
    4-9 October, 2004

  • B Physics Expectations for Tevatron Experiments (pdf) (Stephanie Menzemer)
  • CDF Hot Topics (pdf) (Soon Jun)
  • B_s Mixing at CDF (pdf) (Stephanie Menzemer)

    Diffraction 2004
    Sardinia, Italy
    18-23 September, 2004

  • Diffraction at CDF in Run II (pdf) (Christina Mesropian)

    Tau04 - International workshop of Tau Lepton Physics
    Nara, Japan
    14-17 September, 2004

  • Physics with taus at CDF (pdf) (Alexei Safonov)

    Workshop on "Quantum Particles and Fields - 3"
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    13-17 September, 2004

  • CDF Run II results  (Nikos Giokaris)

    Strangeness in Quark Matter
    Cape Town, S. Africa
    15-20 September, 2004

  • Heavy Flavor production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Giovanni Pauletta)

    DPF 2004
    University of California, Riverside
    27-31 August 2004

  • Electroweak and Top Quark Physics (Plenary) (pdf) (Evelyn Thomson)
  • Parallel session talks

    32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics
    Beijing, China
    16-22 August 2004

  • New Results for Heavy Flavors and QCD Tests at the Tevatron (pdf) (Donatella Lucchesi)
  • Pentaquark and the X(3872) results from CDF (pdf) (Ilya Kravchenko)
  • Top masses and BR from CDF (ppt) (Joao Guimaraes da Costa)
  • Top Production Cross Section from CDF (ppt) (Anyes Taffard)
  • W Helicity and Branching Ratios in Top Quark Decays at the Tevatron (pdf) (Tony Vaiciulis)
  • Recent Charm Physics Results at CDF (ppt) (Alessandro Cerri)
  • Evidence for Bs-->phi phi and Bd/s--> VV decays at CDF (pdf) (Marco Rescigno)
  • Search for FCNC Decays Bs(d) --> mu mu (pdf) (Matt Herndon)
  • Asymmetries in W and Z Production at the Tevatron (ppt) (Eva Halkiadakis)
  • W Mass and Width at the Tevatron (pdf) (Chris Hays)
  • Diffractive Results at the Tevatron (pdf) (Michele Gallinaro)
  • BR and CP Asymmetries in B-->hh' at CDF (pdf) (Giovanni Punzi)
  • Quark and Gluon Jet Fragmentation Differences (ppt) (Andrey Korytov)
  • Tevatron Jet Physics (pdf) (Frank Chlebana)
  • Neutral Higgs Boson Search at the Tevatron (pdf) (Weiming Yao)
  • New Physics Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) (Amitabh Lath)

    Northeastern University, Boston
    16-22 August 2004

  • Recent Results on EWK and Top Physics at CDF (pdf) (Un-ki Yang)
  • Recent Results on New Phenomena at CDF (ppt) (Dmitri Tsybychev)

    5th Recontres du Vietnam
    Hanoi, Vietnam
    5-11 August 2004

  • Searches for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf)  (Sunil Somalwar)
  • Top Quark Mass Measurements (pdf), (ppt) (Chris Hill)
  • Di-Photon and Photon+b/c Cross Sections at CDFII (pdf)  (Andrea Bocci)
  • Charm Production Cross Section at the Tevatron (ppt)  (Sandro De Cecco)

    SLAC Summer Institute
    Stanford, California
    2-13 August 2004

  • Top and W Masses at the Tevatron (pdf)  (Stephen Miller)
  • Direct Accelerator Searches for SUSY (pdf)  (Song Ming Wang)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    6 August 2004

  • Charmless Two Body b Decays from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Marco Rescigno)

    String Phenomenology 2004
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    1-6 August 2004

  • Searches at CDF (pdf) (Ray Culbertson)

    International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
    Sonoma County, California
    July 26 - August 1, 2003

  • Gamma/Z/W+jets cross section at the Tevatron (ppt) (Alberto Cruz)
  • Jet fragmentation in p-pbar collisions (pdf) (Alexandre Pronko)
  • Min Bias and the Underlying Event in Run2 at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Rick Field)
  • Charm production  (Dick Lander)
  • Results on Diffraction at CDF (pdf) (Mary Convery)

    Pentaquark04 Workshop
    SPring-8, Japan
    20-23 July 2004

  • Pentaquark results from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Ming-Jer Wang)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    16,23 July 2004

  • Time-Dependent Amplitude Analysis of B_d --> J/psi K* and B_s --> J/psi phi and a Lifetime Difference in the B_s System (pdf) (Colin Gay)
  • Physics with Tau Leptons at CDF (pdf) (Anton Anastassov)

    Physics at LHC
    Vienna, Austria
    13-17 July, 2004

  • Recent B Physics Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Craig Blocker)

    11th International Euroconference in Quantum Chromodynamics, QCD 04
    Montpellier, France
    5-10 July, 2004

  • QCD results from CDF (ppt) (Sally Seidel)

    6th International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
    27 June - 3 July 2004

  • B Physics New States, Rare Decay and Braching Ratios in CDF (ppt) (Vyacheslav Krutelyov)
  • Standard Model Higgs Searches at CDF Run II (pdf) (Sunny Chuang)
  • Precision B Lifetimes and B Mixing in CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Jonatan Piedra)
  • CP Violation and CKM Measurements in Bottom and Charm Decays at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Saverio D'Auria)
  • Pentaquark Search at Fermilab (pdf) (Dmitry Litvintsev)
  • Top Production and Properties at CDF (pdf) (Petra Merkel)
  • Top Mass Measurements at CDF (pdf) (Pedro Fernandez)
  • Determination of Hadronic Moments at CDF (ppt) (Ramon Miqel)

    PIC 2004 - 24th International Conference On Physics In Collision
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    27-29 June 2004

  • Beauty Physics with B_s and Lambda_b (pdf) (Rolf Oldeman)
  • Jet Physics at 2 TeV (pdf), (ppt) (Mario Martinez)
  • Tevatron results on top quark physics (ppt) (Andy Hocker)

    SUSY 2004
    Tsukuba, Japan
    17-23 June 2004

  • Electroweak, Top and Bottom Physics at Tevatron (pdf) (Fumi Ukegawa)
  • Search for SUSY in Multi-tau Final States at CDF (pdf) (Teruki Kamon)
  • Searches for New Physics in the Top Quark Sample (ppt) (Robin Erbacher)
  • Searches for the Supersymmentric Partner of the Bottom Quark (pdf), (ppt) (Carsten Rott)
  • Search for the SM Higgs in RunII at the Tevatron (pdf) (John Conway)
  • Search for New Phenomena with Tau Pairs (pdf) (Anton Anastassov)
  • CDF Searches for New Physics at High Diphoton and Dilepton Masses (pdf), (ppt) (Tracey Pratt)
  • Search for the decay Bd,s --> mu mu at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Cheng-Ju Lin)

    HCP2004 - Hadron Collider Physics 2004
    East Lansing, Michigan
    14-18 June 2004

  • Run II Searches for SUSY (pdf), (ppt) (David Toback)
  • Status of CDFII Higgs Searches (pdf) (Michael Gold)
  • Top Cross Section and Mass at CDF (pdf) (Igor Volobouev)
  • Single Top at the Tevatron (pdf) (Bernd Stelzer)
  • Tevatron W/Z/gamma Results - Dibosons (pdf) (Michael Kirby)
  • QCD at CDF (pdf) (Regis Lefevre)
  • B physics: New States, Rare Decays and Branching Ratios (pdf) (Ulrich Kerzel)
  • Searches for Extra Dimensions at the Tevatron (pdf) (Muge Karagoz)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    11 June 2004

  • Top Mass Measurement with Dynamical Likelihood Method at CDF RunII (pdf), (ppt) (Kohei Yorita)

    DAFNE 2004: Physics at Meson Factories
    Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy
    7-11 June, 2004

  • Results on HQ physics at TeV energies (pdf) (Manfred Paulini)

    FNAL Annual Users' Meeting
    2,3 June, 2004

  • Top, Electroweak and Exotics Results from CDF (ps) (Mark Kruse)
  • B and QCD Physics Results at CDF (pdf) (Frank Chlebana)

    Heavy Quarks and Leptons - HQL04
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    1-5 June, 2004

  • Heavy Quark Production at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos)

    Workshop on Heavy Quark Production at RHIC
    Upton, New York
    13 May, 2004

  • Charm and Beauty Production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Mary Bishai)

    From Zero to Z0: Workshop on precision EWK Physics
    Batavia, Illinois
    12-14 May, 2004

  • Measurements of W Boson Mass and Width (pdf) (Ashutosh Kotwal)
  • Heavy Flavor Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Farrukh Azfar)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    7 May 2004

  • Top cross section from dileptons in Run II at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Peter Wittich)

    APS April Meeting 2004
    Denver, Colorado
    1-4 May, 2004

  • Top Quark Physics (ppt) (Pierre Savard)
  • B Physics with Hadron Machines (pdf) (Manfred Paulini)

    PHENO 2004
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
    26-28 April, 2004

  • Searches for new physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (David Stuart)
  • Search for Higgs in WW decays at CDF (ppt) (Sunny Chuang)
  • Searches for New Physics in High Mass Dileptons at CDF II (pdf) (Muge Karagoz Unel)
  • Measurement of Afb in e+e- pairs at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Gregory Veramendi)
  • Search for Excited/Exotic elecctrons at CDF (pdf) (Heather Gerberich)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    16 April 2004

  • Search for Bs->mumu and Bd->mumu Decays (pdf) (Doug Glenzinski)

    XXIIth International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering DIS 2004
    Strbske Pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia
    14-18 April, 2004

  • Diffractive Structure Function and Exclusive Final States at CDF (pdf) (Koji Terashi)
  • Jet physics at CDF (pdf) (Alexei Safonov)
  • The Underlying Event at CDF (pdf) (Niccolo' Moggi)
  • Pentaquark searches at CDF (pdf) (Igor Gorelov)
  • Charm and Beauty Production at CDF (ps) (Peter Bussey)
  • Top production and properties (pdf) (Roman Lysak)
  • Beauty and Charm Decay Physics at CDF (pdf) (Simone Donati)
  • Leptoquark Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) (Daniel Ryan)
  • Other Particle Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) (Arnold Pompos)
  • Electroweak Results at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Susana Cabrera)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    19 March & 2 April 2004

  • Recent results on top quark, electroweak and new physics searches from CDF (pdf) (Simona Rolli)
  • Status of Bottom, Charm, and QCD Physics at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos)

    QCD and Hadronic Interactions
    La Thuile, Italy
    28 March - 4 April, 2004

  • Non-SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) (Rocio Vilar)
  • Search for Non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) (Richard Hughes)
  • Prospects for Higgs in Run II at the Tevatron (pdf) (Brian Winer)
  • Top Quark Mass Measurements (ps) (Lucio Cerrito)
  • Di-Photon and Photon+b/c Production (pdf) (Ronan McNulty)
  • Di-Boson Production Cross Section at Ecm=2TeV (pdf) (Aidan Robson)
  • Charm at the Tevatron (pdf) (Mario Campanelli)

    Electroweak interactions and Unified theories
    La Thuile, Italy
    22-28 March, 2004

  • EWK Physics Results at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Giulia Manca)
  • Top Physics: CDF Results (pdf), (ppt) (Ken Bloom)
  • Search for Higgs, Leptoquarks, and Exotics at Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Song Ming Wang)
  • B Physics at CDF (pdf) (Jonas Rademacker)

    XVII Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste
    La Thuile, Valle d'Aoste, Italy
    29 February-6 March, 2004

  • Anomalies in Heavy Flavor jets at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Giorgio Apollinari)
  • QCD Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Giuseppe Latino)
  • Bottom and Charm Masses and Lifetimes at the Tevatron (pdf) (Todd Huffman)
  • Prospects in CP Violation Measurements at the Tevatron  (pdf), (ppt) (Diego Tonelli)
  • Top Physics at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Julia Thom)
  • W/Z Physics at CDF (ppt) (Victoria Martin)

    19th Annual Lake Louise Winter Institute
    Lake Louise, Alberta
    15-21 February 2004

  • B Physics results at CDF now and in the future (ppt) (Ivan Vila)
  • CDF Measurements of top cross section and mass (pdf), (ppt) (Jason Nielsen)
  • Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at CDF (pdf) (Max Chertok)
  • Precision ElectroWeak results & Searches for New Physics (pdf) (Dave Waters)
  • Recent QCD Results from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Stefano Lami)

    Aspen 2004 Winter Conference on Particle Physics
    Aspen, Colorado
    1-7 February 2004

  • Searches and limits for BSM phenomena (pdf) (Jane Nachtman)
  • Heavy flavor physics at Run II (pdf) (Dmitri Litvintsev)

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