Transparencies from 2006 CDF Talks

CKM2006 - 4th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle
Nagoya, Japan
12-16 December 2006

  • Bs Mixing at CDF (ppt) (Franco Bedeschi)
  • Results on B hadron lifetimes from CDF (pdf) (Reid Mumford)
  • B-->h+h- Modes at CDF (pdf) (Giovanni Punzi)
  • CP Measurements in Bs Decays to Charm (pdf), (ppt) (Azizur Rahaman)
  • Rare B Decays at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Marco Rescigno)

    Argonne HEP Seminar
    8 November 2006

  • Precision Electroweak Physics at Hadron Colliders (pdf), (ppt) (Eric James)

    CERN Particle Physics Seminar
    31 October 2006

  • Latest Results on b Spectroscopy from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Elena Vataga)

    DPF And JPS 2006 - Joint Meeting Of Pacific Region Particle Physics Communities
    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    29 October - 3 November 2006

  • Observation of Bs Mixing at CDF (ppt) (Joe Kroll)

    Second Meeting of the APS Topical Group on Hadron Physics
    Nashville, Tennessee, USA
    22-24 October 2006

  • First Observation of Bottom Baryon Sigma_b States at CDF (pdf) (Igor Gorelov)

    HQL06 - 8th International Conference on Heavy Quarks & Leptons
    Munich, Germany
    16-20 October 2006

  • Top Quark Physics Results at the Tevatron (pdf) (Lucio Cerrito)
  • Spectroscopy and Decay of B hadrons (pdf) (Manfred Paulini)
  • Bs Lifetime Difference and Mixing at the Tevatron (pdf) (Stephie Menzemer)

    Argonne HEP Seminar
    11 October 2006

  • Search for New Phenomena in the CDF Top Quark Sample (ppt) (Kevin Lannon)

    BEAUTY 2006
    Oxford, UK
    25-29 September 2006

  • Charm Studies at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Burkard Reisert)
  • Observation of Bs Oscillations at CDF (pdf) (Alberto Belloni)
  • Heavy Flavor Production at the Tevatron (ppt) (Jennifer Pursley)
  • Bs and LambdaB Lifetimes and BRs at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Satyajit Behari)
  • BR and Direct CP Asymmetries of Charmless Decay Modes at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Michael Morello)
  • CDF: B physics performance & trigger - operational experience (pdf) (Alberto Annovi)
  • Rare Decays at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Cheng-Ju Lin)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    22 September 2006

  • Observation of Bs-Bsbar Oscillations (pdf) (Christoph Paus)

    TAU 06 - 9th International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics
    Pisa, Italy
    18-22 September 2006

  • Physics with Tau Leptons at CDF (pdf), (sxi) (Chris Hays)

    New Trends in High Energy Physics
    Crimea (Ukraine)
    16-23 September 2006

  • B States at the Tevatron (Nanni Piacentino)
  • QCD-Photon Physics at the Tevatron (Carmine Pagliarone)
  • Recent CDF Results on Top Quark (Nikos Giokaris)
  • Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the Tevatron  (Irina Shreyber)

    Prospects for Charged Higgs Discovery at Colliders
    Uppsala, Sweden
    13-16 September 2006

  • PDF Uncertainties at Hadron Colliders (pdf) (Ricardo Eusebi)
  • Triggering on Taus at the Tevatron (pdf) (Silvia Amerio)

    PASCOS 2006
    Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
    10-15 September 2006

  • An Update on Top Quark Physics (ppt) (Rob Roser)
  • B Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Vaia Papadimitriou)

    Diffraction 2006
    Milos Island (Greece)
    5-10 September 2006

  • PDF Uncertainties at Hadron Colliders (pdf) (Aidan Robson)
  • Diffraction at the Tevatron: CDF Results (pdf) (Dino Goulianos)

    ISMD 2006 -XXXVI International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2-8 September 2006

  • Inclusive Jet Production at CDF (pdf) (Christina Mesropian)
  • W+Jet Production at CDF (pdf) (Andrea Messina)
  • New Results on Jet Fragmentation at CDF (pdf) (Sergo Jindariani)
  • New CDF Results on Diffraction (pdf) (Christina Mesropian)

    Conference on Computational Physics 2006
    Gyeongju, Republic of Korea
    29 August - 1 September 2006

  • CDF Computing (pdf) (Igor Sfiligoi)

    Quark Confinement and Hadron Spectrum VII
    Azores (Portugal)
    2-7 September 2006

  • Standard Model Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Tommaso Dorigo)

    ICHEP 2006 - XXXIII International Conference on High Energy Physics
    Moscow, Russia
    26 July - 2 August 2006

  • Hot Topics from CDF and D0 (ppt) (Doug Glenzinski)
  • Jet Fragmentation Studies at CDF (pdf) (Lester Pinera)
  • The Underlying Event at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Rick Field)
  • Diffraction at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Andrew Hamilton)
  • Latest Results on Orbitally Excited B Mesons at CDF (pdf) (Igor Gorelov)
  • New Results on the X(3872) from CDF (pdf) (Michael Kreps)
  • Polarization Amplitudes in B->VV Decays at CDF (pdf) (Peter Bussey)
  • Rare B Decays at CDF (ppt) (Sinead Farrington)
  • Evidence for Bs Mixing and Measurement of Delta(ms) (ppt) (Stefano Giagu)
  • Heavy Flavor Production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Kenichi Hatakeyama)
  • W/Z+jets and Z Pt Measurements at the Tevatron (pdf) (Yeon Sei Chung)
  • Lifetime Measurements at CDF (pdf) (Frank Wurthwein)
  • Measurements of Top Quark Pair Production at CDF (pdf) (Chris Hill)
  • Measurements of Top Quark Properties at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Aafke Kraan)
  • W Width & W/Z Cross-Sections at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Mark Lancaster)
  • WW and WZ Dibosons at the Tevatron (pdf) (Elliot Lipeles)
  • Search for Single Top Production at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Wolfgang Wagner)
  • Top Quark Mass Measurements (pdf) (Florencia Canelli)
  • Low Mass Higgs Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) (Ben Kilminster)
  • Low Mass Higgs Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) (Andy Hocker)
  • Search for New Physics with Photons at CDF (ppt) (Sasha Pronko)
  • Searches for Extra Dimensions and New EWK Bosons (pdf), (ppt) (Pierre Savard)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    21 July 2006

  • New CDF Results for ICHEP '06 (pdf), (ppt) (Beate Heinemann)

    SSI 2006- 34th SLAC Summer Institute On Particle Physics
    Menlo Park, California
    17-28 July 2006

  • Electroweak and Top Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Monica Tecchio)
  • B Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Matt Herndon)

    PIC 2006 - 26th International Symposium On Physics In Collision
    Buzios, Brazil
    6-9 July 2006

  • Precision Electroweak Physics at Hadron Colliders (pdf) (Eric James)
  • High Pt Jet Physics (ppt) (Mario Martinez)

    QCD 06
    Montpellier, France
    3-7 July 2006

  • Jet Fragmentation Results at CDF (ppt) (Andrey Korytov)
  • Inclusive Jet Production at CDF (ppt) (Regis Lefevre)
  • CKM Physics at CDF (pdf) (Paola Squillacioti)

    Physics at LHC workshop
    Cracow, Poland
    3-8 July 2006

  • Non SUSY Searches for BSM Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Sung-won Lee)
  • Review of Tevatron Higgs Results (pdf) (Oscar Gonzalez-Lopez)
  • Electroweak Results from the Tevatron (pdf), (sxi) (Chris Hays)

    7th International Conference Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons - BEACH 2006
    Lancaster, UK
    2-8 July 2006

  • CDF Detector and Triggers for B Physics (pdf) (Simone Donati)
  • CP Violation Studies at the Tevatron (pdf) (Eli Ben Haim)
  • Measurement of Bs Oscillations at CDF (pdf) (Giuseppe Salamanna)
  • Recent Charm Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Paul Karchin)
  • New Results on B_c at the Tevatron (pdf) (Azizur Rahaman)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    30 June 2006

  • W Helicity in Top Quark Decays at CDF (pdf) (Markus Klute)

    Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium
    Brookhaven National Laboratory
    27-30 June 2006

  • Bc results from CDF  (Masato Aoki)
  • Quarkonia production at CDF  (Min Jeong Kim)
  • Quarkonia spectroscopy at CDF  (Ulrich Kerzel)

    European Condor Week
    INFN Milano, Italy
    26-29 June 2006

  • Using Condor Glide-ins and GCB to run on the Grid - The CDF Experience (pdf) (Igor Sfiligoi)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    16 June 2006

  • Recent Electroweak Results from CDF (pdf) (Chris Hays)

    SUSY 06
    Irvine, California
    12-17 June 2006

  • Searches for Higgs Bosons at the Tevatron (pdf) (Anton Anastassov)
  • Search for chargino-neutralino production in CDF (John Strologas)
  • Search for Squark/Gluino Production at CDF (pdf) (Mario Martinez)
  • Search for the Higgs at CDF (pdf) (ppt) (Shin-Shan Yu)
  • Search for Large Extra Dimensions at CDF (pdf) (Pierre-Hugues Beauchemin)
  • Search for Exotic New Phenomena in CDF (pdf) (Max Goncharov)
  • Search for New Phenomena in the CDF top Quark Sample (pdf) (Kevin Lannon)
  • Measurement of the Top and W Masses in CDF (pdf) (ppt) (Anyes Taffard)
  • New results in Flavor Physics from CDF (Petar Maksimovic)

    Fermilab Users Meeting
    Batavia, Illinois
    31 May - 1 June 2006

  • Boson Production and Properties at CDF and D0 (Elliot Lipeles)
  • Top Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Charles Plager)

    CIPANP 2006 - 9th Conference on the Intersections of Nuclear and Particle Physics
    Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
    30 May - 3 June 2006

  • Observation of Bs Oscillations at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Matthew Jones)
  • Direct CP Violation and Branching Ratio Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Massimo Casarsa)
  • Beyond the SM at the Tevatron (ppt) (Vadim Rusu)
  • Drell-Yan and EWK measurements at the Tevatron (Kathy Copic)

    First Workshop on Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour Physics
    Capri, Italy
    29-31 May 2006

  • Bs Mixing at the Tevatron (pdf) (Donatella Lucchesi)

    SLAC Experimental Seminar
    23 May 2006

  • Measurement of the Bs Oscillation Frequency (ppt) (Joe Kroll)

    HCP 2006: Hadron Collider Physics Symposium
    Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
    22-26 May 2006

  • W/Z Production and Asymmetries at Tevatron (pdf) (David Waters)
  • B Masses and Lifetimes at the Tevatron (ppt) (Satoru Uozumi)
  • High Q2 QCD Physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Mary Convery)
  • Top Mass at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Un-Ki Yang)
  • Rare B decays at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Slava Krutelyov)
  • SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Xavier Portell)
  • b-tagging at CDF and D0, Lessons for LHC (ppt) (Tom Wright)
  • Electron, Muon, and Photon ID at the Tevatron (pdf) (Xiaojian Zhang)

    Pheno 06 Symposium
    Madison, Wisconsin
    17-20 May 2006

  • Top and SM Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Robin Erbacher)

    Flavour in the LHC Era Workshop
    15-17 May 2006

  • Measurement of Bs Oscillations at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Sandro De Cecco)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    12 May 2006

  • Searches for Supersymmetry in Multileptonic Signatures at CDF (pdf) (Giulia Manca)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    28 April 2006

  • Measurement of Relative Fragmentation Fractions of B Hadrons at CDF (ppt) (Karen Gibson)

    Condor Week
    Madison, Wisconsin, USA
    24-27 April 2006

  • Using Condor Glide-ins and GCB to run in a grid environment (pdf) (Matt Norman)

    APS Meeting
    Dallas, Texas
    22-25 April 2006

  • Top at RunII and LHC Prospects (pdf), (ppt) (Eva Halkiadakis)

    Deep Inelastic Scattering Workshop - DIS2006
    Tsukuba, Japan
    20-24 April 2006

  • Non-SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) (Jieun Kim)
  • Top Cross-Section Measurements at the Tevatron (ppt) (Susana Cabrera)
  • Electroweak results at the Tevatron (ppt) (Jose Garcia)
  • New results on diffraction from CDF (pdf) (Michele Gallinaro)
  • Constraints on PDF Uncertainties from CDF (ppt) (Cigdem Issever)
  • b-jets and Z+b+jets at CDF (pdf) (Daniel Jeans)
  • Inclusive Jet Production at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Olga Norniella)
  • W+jet Production at CDF (pdf) (Andrea Messina)
  • Jet Fragmentation Results at CDF (ppt) (Andrey Korytov)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    14 April 2006

  • Precision Top Quark Mass Measurements from CDF (ppt) (Florencia Canelli)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    10 April 2006

  • Measurement of the Bs-Bsbar Oscillation Frequency and the Ratio |Vtd/Vts| at CDF (pdf) (Ivan Furic)

    FPCP 06
    Vancouver B.C., Canada
    9-12 April 2006

  • Measurement of the Bs Oscillation Frequency (pdf), (ps) (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos)
  • Heavy Flavor Spectroscopy at the Tevatron  (pdf), (odp), (ps) (Ilya Kravchenko)
  • B Mixing and Lifetimes at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Jonatan Piedra)
  • CDF Hot Topics (pdf), (ppt) (Diego Tonelli)

    IMFP2006 - XXXIV International Meeting on Fundamental Physics
    El Escorial, Madrid, Spain
    2-7 April 2006

  • Physics at the Tevatron - 4 Lectures (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4)  (Rick Field)

    LISHEP 06
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2-7 April 2006

  • QCD Measurements at the Tevatron (ppt) (Rainer Wallny)
  • Electroweak Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Kevin McFarland)

    Rencontres de Moriond: QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions
    La Thuile (Aosta Valley), Italy
    18-25 March 2006

  • Measurements of the Masses and Lifetimes of B Hadrons at the Tevatron (pdf) (Pierluigi Catastini)
  • Measurements of Top Mass at the Tevatron (pdf) (Daniel Whiteson)
  • Single Top at the Tevatron (ppt) (Ambra Gresele)
  • New Diffraction Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Koji Terashi)
  • Latest Jet Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Andrea Messina)
  • Diboson Physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (odp) (Mark Neubauer)
  • Susy Searches at the Tevatron (ppt) (Else Lytken)
  • Searches for Non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron (ppt) (Alexei Safonov)

    8th Workshop 'Parallel Systems and Algorithms'
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    16 March 2006

  • Using Condor glide-ins and Parrot to move from Dedicated Resources to the Grid (pdf) (Subir Sarkar)

    Rencontres de Moriond: Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
    La Thuile (Aosta Valley), Italy
    11-18 March 2006

  • CDF Results on B Physics (pdf) (Petar Maksimovic)
  • Top Mass Measurements at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Erik Brubaker)
  • Top Quark Properties at the Tevatron (pdf) (Markus Klute)
  • Diboson Physics: WW,WZ (pdf) (Jorgen Sjolin)
  • Searches for New Physics in Lepton Final States (pdf) (Catalin Ciobanu)

    LCWS06 - Linear Collider Workshop
    Bangalore, India
    9-13 March 2006

  • Recent Tevatron Results (ppt) (Young-Kee Kim)

    XX Rencontres de Physique de La Vallée d'Aoste
    La Thuile (Aosta Valley), Italy
    5-11 March 2006

  • Bd and Bs Oscillations at the Tevatron (pdf), (ps) (Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos)
  • Top Production Cross Section and Properties (pdf) (Veronique Boisvert)
  • Jet Properties at the Tevatron (pdf) (Monica D'Onofrio)
  • Non SUSY Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) (Kevin Burkett)

    DIF06 - International Workshop on Discoveries in Flavor Physics at e+e- Colliders
    Frascati, Italy
    28 February - 3 March 2006

  • Perspectives for Charm Physics at Hadron Machines (ppt) (Sandro De Cecco)

    Lake Louise Winter Institute
    Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
    17-23 February 2006

  • Bc at CDF (pdf) (William Wester)
  • New Phenomena Searches at CDF (pdf), (sxi), (ppt)  (Aron Soha)
  • QCD Results at CDF (pdf), (ppt)  (Andrey Korytov)
  • W and Z Cross Section Measurements at CDF (pdf)  (Ivan Fedorko)
  • Top Physics at CDF (pdf)  (Enrique Palencia)

    Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
    TIFR Mumbai, India
    13-17 February 2006

  • GlideCAF (pdf) (Subir Sarkar)
  • OSGCAF (pdf) (Matt Norman)
  • LCGCAF (pdf) (Armando Fella)
  • Transparently Distributing CDF Software with Parrot (pdf) (Igor Sfiligoi)

    2006 Aspen Winter Conference - Particle Physics at the Verge of Discovery
    Aspen, Colorado
    12-18 February 2006

  • Top Results from the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Andrew Ivanov)
  • Heavy Flavor Physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Cheng-Ju Lin)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    13 January 2006

  • Search for Resonance Production of ttbar Pairs at CDF (pdf) (Roberto Rossin)

    Cairo International Conference on HEP
    Cairo, Egypt
    14-17 January 2006

  • Summary of Recent Results from the Tevatron (Michael Schmitt)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    13 January 2006

  • Search for Large Extra Dimensions in MET+Jets at CDF (pdf) (Kevin Burkett)

    TOP 2006,International Workshop on Top Quark Physics
    Coimbra, Portugal
    12-15 January 2006

  • Experimental Methods in Top Quark Physics (pdf), (ppt) (Evelyn Thomson)
  • Top Production Cross Section & Search for Resonances (pdf) (Roberto Rossin)
  • Precision Top Mass Measurements in the Dilepton Channel (pdf) (Bo Jayatilaka)
  • How to Calibrate Jet Energy Scale? (pdf) (Kenichi Hatekayama)
  • High pT b-tagging at CDF: Measuring Efficiency and Understanding Mistags (pdf), (ppt) (Chris Neu)

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