CDF Talks from 2007

Lattice QCD Meets Experiment
December 10-11, 2007

  • Rare Decays at the Tevatron (pdf) Michael Weinberger
  • B Baryon Spectroscopy (pdf) Thomas Kuhr

    Euro-GDR Supersymmetry International Meeting
    Brussels, Belgium
    12-14 November, 2007

  • Searches for Squarks and Gluinos at CDF (pdf) (Xavier Portell)

    XI Mexican Workshop on Particles and Fields
    Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico
    7-12 November, 2007

  • Recent CDF results (ppt) (Gervasio Gomez)

    International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium 2007
    DESY, Hamburg
    17-20 October, 2007

  • Heavy Quarkonium Production and Polarization and the Bc Meson at CDF (pdf) (William Wester)

    Hadron 07
    Frascati, Italy
    8-13 October, 2007

  • Heavy Quark Spectroscopy at the Tevatron (pdf) (Michael Kreps)
  • Searches for New Physics in the Top Quark Samples at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Luca Scodellaro)

    Fourth International Conference of Flavor Physics (ICFP2007)
    Beijing, China
    24-28 September 2007

  • Recent Results in b Quark Physics at CDF (ppt) (Sinead Farrington)

    LBL Seminar
    13 September 2007

  • New Bottom Baryons at CDF (pdf) (Dmitry Litvintsev)

    Hadron Structure '07
    Comenius University, Slovakia
    3-7 September 2007

  • Bs Oscillations (pdf) (Massimo Casarsa)
  • Top and EWK Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Andrew Ivanov)

    CERN EP Seminar
    3 September 2007

  • Boson + Jets Production at CDF (pdf) (Andrea Messina)

    Workshop on Low x Physics
    Helsinki, Finland
    30 August - 1 September 2007

  • Jet physics at CDF (pdf) (Jay Dittmann)
  • Exclusive Central Production at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Mike Albrow)

    13th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics
    Moscow, Russia
    23 - 29 August

  • Recent results from the Tevatron on CKM matrix elements from Bs oscillations and single top production and studies of CP violation in Bs decays (Juan Pablo Fernandez)
  • Tevatron Results on B Spectroscopy, Lifetimes and Rare Decays (Benedetto di Ruzza)
  • Jets and photon production at the Tevatron (Sasha Pronko)

    Lepton Photon 2007
    Daegu, Korea
    13-18 August 2007

  • Physics with Top Quarks (ppt) (Robin Erbacher)
  • SUSY and Non-SM Higgs Searches (pdf) (Mario Martinez-Perez)
  • Striking Results from the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Kirsten Tollefson)

    FNAL Wine and Cheese
    10 August 2007

  • New CDF Results for Lepton-Photon 07 (pdf) (Mark Neubauer)

    CHARM 2007
    Ithaca, New York
    5 - 8 August 2007

  • Heavy Flavor Production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Jonas Rademacker)

    ISMD 2007 - XXXVII International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics
    Berkeley, California
    4 - 9 August 2007

  • Jet Physics at CDF (pdf) (Kenichi Hatakeyama)

    SSI 2007 - 35th SLAC Summer Institute
    Menlo Park, California
    30 July - 10 August 2007

  • Standard Model Measurements and Higgs Searches (pdf) (Ashutosh Kotwal)

    SUSY 07
    Karlsruhe, Germany
    26 July - 1 August 2007

  • Electroweak and Top Physics at the Tevatron and Indirect Higgs Limits (pdf), (ppt) (Sandra Leone)
  • Vista@CDF: Results of a Model-Independent Search for New Physics in 1fb-1 at CDF (pdf) (Georgios Choudalakis)
  • Sleuth@CDF: A quasi-model-independent search for new electroweak scale physics (pdf) (Georgios Choudalakis)
  • Searches for New Physics in Top Samples at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Susana Cabrera)
  • Lifetime Difference and CP Asymmetry in Bs0 -> J/Psi phi (pdf) (Thomas Kuhr)
  • Search for Chargino-Neutralino Pairs at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Else Lytken)
  • Search for Squark and Gluino Production at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Monica D'Onofrio)
  • Search for Long-Lived Particles at CDF (pdf) (Vyacheslav Krutelyov)
  • CDF Searches for New Physics with Photons (pdf), (ps) (Andrey Loginov)
  • Search for Higgs Bosons in H to WW Decays at the Tevatron (pdf) (Nils Krumnack)
  • Search for Higgs Decays to Tau Lepton Pairs (pdf) (Ilya Kravchenko)
  • Search for Single Top Production at CDF (pdf) (Dominic Hirschbuehl)
  • Branching Fractions and Direct CP Asymmetries of Charmless B Decay Modes at CDF (pdf) (Michael Kreps)
  • Search for Rare B-Hadron Decays at CDF (pdf) (Philipp Mack)

    European Physics Society (EPS07)
    Manchester, England
    19-25 July 2007

  • Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model (pdf), (ppt) (Beate Heinemann)
  • Inclusive Jet Production at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Regis Lefevre)
  • b-jet production at the Tevatron (ppt) (Sandro de Cecco)
  • Measurement of Heavy Quark Cross Section (ppt) (Alberto Annovi)
  • Z+jets Production at the Tevatron (ppt) (Alon Attal)
  • Latest results on B-hadron Spectroscopy from CDF (pdf) (Andreas Gessler)
  • Measurement of B baryons with CDF detector (ppt) (Joachim Heuser)
  • Search for rare B and D hadron decays at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Michael Milnik)
  • CP and charge asymmetries at CDF (pdf) (Michael Morello)
  • Bs mixing and B hadron lifetimes at CDF (pdf) (Michael Milnik)
  • Single-top Production at CDF (ppt) (Rainer Wallny)
  • Diboson Physics at CDF (pdf), (odp) (Anna Sfyrla)
  • Search for Associated SM Higgs production at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Daniela Bortoletto)
  • Searching for Resonant Higgs production at CDF (pdf) (Eliot Lipeles)
  • Top Quark Production and Properties at CDF (pdf) (Shulamit Moed)
  • Top Quark Mass Measurements at CDF (pdf) (Tuula Maki)
  • Z Boson Production at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Jiyeon Han)
  • W Boson Production and Properties at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Emily Nurse)
  • Measurement of the W Boson Mass by CDF (pdf) (Oliver Stelzer-Chilton)
  • Search for new physics with photons at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Eiko Yu)
  • Search for heavy long-lived particles (pdf), (ppt) (Max Goncharov)
  • Inclusive Searches for Squarks and Gluinos at the Tevatron (pdf) (Xavier Portell Bueso)

    Photon 2007
    Paris, France
    9-13 July 2007

  • Latest Results on Bottom Spectroscopy and Production at CDF (pdf) (Igor Gorelov)
  • PDF Constraints from W and Z Bosons at the Tevatron (pdf) (Mark Lancaster)

    PASCOS 2007
    Imperial College, London
    2-7 July 2007

  • Precision Standard Model Tests at the Tevatron (pdf) (Tommaso Dorigo)

    XXVII Physics In Collision 2007
    Annecy, France
    26-29 June 2007

  • Single Top Physics at Hadron Colliders (pdf) (Catalin Ciobanu)
  • W and Z Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Mark Lancaster)
  • Jet Physics (pdf), (ppt) (Regis Lefevre)
  • Collider Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model (pdf), (ppt) (Jane Nachtman)

    CERN EP Seminar
    11 June 2007

  • Associated b Production in CDF with a Dedicated Trigger (pdf), (ppt) (Mario Camapnelli)

    Fermilab Users Meeting
    Batavia, Illinois
    6-7 June 2007

  • Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron (ppt) (Kevin Lannon)
  • Searches for New Phenomena at the Tevatron (pdf) (Pierre-Hugues Beauchemin)

    International Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS2007 and ILC2007)
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
    30 May - 3 June 2007

  • Searching for the Higgs at CDF (pdf) (Victoria Martin)

    Hadron Collider Physics Symposium (HCP 2007)
    Isola d'Elba
    20-26 May 2007

  • Top Properties and Single Top at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Mousumi Datta)
  • Measurements of W Boson Mass and Width (pdf) (William Trischuk)
  • New Results in b-hadron Spectroscopy at the Tevatron (ppt) (Joe Boudreau)
  • Results on Rare decays and other CP violation at the Tevatron (pdf) (Paola Squillacioti)
  • Soft QCD and the Underlying Event (pdf) (Sergo Jindariani)
  • Tevatron Searches for Higgs Bosons Beyond the Standard Model (pdf), (ppt) (Jason Nielsen)
  • Searches for New Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Rick Snider)

    5th Flavor Physics And CP Violation Conference (FPCP 2007)
    Bled, Slovenia
    12-16 May 2007

  • CDF Hot Topics (pdf) (Bruno Casal Larana)
  • CP Violation in the Bs System (pdf) (Simone Donati)
  • New Heavy Quark Baryons (pdf) (Michal Kreps)

    CERN EP Seminar
    16 April 2007

  • Observation of Bs Mixing (Nuno Leonardo)

    Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS 07)
    Munich, Germany
    16-20 April 2007

  • Tevatron Overview (pdf), (ppt) (Giorgio Chiarelli)
  • Top Mass and Decay Properties (pdf) (Jeannine Wagner)
  • W Boson Mass and Width Measurements at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Sarah Malik)
  • SM Higgs Searches at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Rocio Vilar)
  • Tevatron Non-SUSY BSM (pdf) (David Stuart)
  • bbbar Cross Section Measurement at CDF (pdf) (Sofia Vallecorsa)
  • Measurement of W+jets and Z+jets Cross Sections at CDF (pdf) (Monica D'Onofrio)
  • Charm and Beauty Production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Burkard Reisert)
  • Recent Results on B Spectroscopy at the Tevatron (pdf), (odp) (Martin Heck)
  • Constraints on PDFs from CDF (pdf) (Aidan Robson)
  • Recent Results on Diffraction and Exclusive Production from CDF (pdf) (Christina Mesropian)
  • Jet Fragmentation Studies at CDF (pdf) (Lester Pinera)

    2007 APS April Meeting
    Jacksonville, Florida
    14-17 April 2007

  • B Physics at the Tevatron (Matt Herndon)
  • Recent Measurements of the Top Quark from Fermilab (Kevin Lannon)

    SLAC Experimental Seminar
    20 March 2007

  • First Run II Measurement of the W Boson Mass with CDF (pdf) (Chris Hays)

    Flavour in the Era of the LHC
    CERN Geneva, Switzerland
    26-28 March 2007

  • Heavy Flavor at the Tevatron: Status and Prospects (pdf), (ppt) (Jonatan Piedra)

    CERN Particle Physics Seminar
    20 March 2007

  • First Run II Measurement of the W Boson Mass by CDF (pdf) (Oliver Stelzer-Chilton)

    Les Rencontres de Moriond: QCD and Hadronic interactions
    La Thuile (Aosta), Italy
    17-24 March 2007

  • Searches for Supersymmetry at the Tevatron (pdf) (Song Ming Wang)
  • Searches for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (pdf) (Ben Kilminister)
  • W Boson Mass and Width Measurements at the Tevatron (pdf) (Emily Nurse)
  • Measurements of Top Properties at the Tevatron (pdf) (Ulrich Husemann)
  • Search for Single Top Production at CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Wolfgang Wagner)
  • Production of Photons and Heavy Quarks at CDF (pdf) (Mario Campanelli)
  • Di-Boson Physics at the Tevatron (pdf) (Frank Wurthwein)
  • Exclusive e+e-, Diphoton, and Dijet Production at the Tevatron (pdf) (Koji Terashi)
  • Measurements of Rare B Decays at the Tevatron (ppt) (Fabrizio Scuri)

    Les Rencontres de Moriond: Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
    La Thuile (Aosta), Italy
    10-17March 2007

  • First RunII Measurement of the W Mass with CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Oliver Stelzer-Chilton)
  • W and Z Physics at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Julien Donini)
  • Searches in Photon and Jet States (pdf), (sxi) (Aron Soha)
  • Single Top Results from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Bernd Stelzer)
  • Tevatron: Top Quark Production and Properties (pdf) (Veronica Sorin)
  • Bs Oscillations, DeltaGamma, and Discovery of Sigma_b(*) (pdf) (Aart Heijboer)

    Les Rencontres de Physique de La Vallée d'Aoste
    La Thuile (Aosta), Italy
    4-10 March 2007

  • QCD studies at the Tevatron (pdf) (Oriol Salto)
  • Studies of B states at the Tevatron (pdf), (odp) (Thomas Kuhr)
  • Precision Determination of the Top Quark Mass (pdf) (Pedro Movilla Fernandez)
  • Precision Measurement of the W Mass with CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Chris Hays)
  • Non-SUSY Exotics Searches at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt), (key) (Ben Brau)

    Lake Louise Winter Institute
    Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
    19-24 February 2007

  • Latest New Physics Results from CDF (pdf) (Peter Wagner)
  • Latest Top Results from CDF (pdf) (Fabrizio Margaroli)
  • Latest Electroweak Results from CDF (pdf) (Alexei Safonov)
  • Latest B-Physics Results from CDF (ppt)  (Cheng-Ju Lin)
  • Latest QCD Results from CDF (pdf) (Sofia Vallecorsa)
  • First RunII Measurement of the W Mass with CDF (pdf) (Oliver Stelzer-Chilton)

    6th KEK Topical Conference: Frontiers in Particle Physics and Cosmology
    KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
    6-8 February 2007

  • Recent B Physics Results from the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Kevin Pitts)

    Weak Interactions and Neutrinos 2007 - WIN07
    Kolkata, India
    15-20 January 2007

  • Electroweak Results from the Tevatron (pdf) (Chris Hays)
  • Bs Mixing at CDF (pdf) (Azizur Rahaman)
  • Hot Topics from CDF (pdf), (ppt) (Jennifer Pursley)

    Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics:
    New Physics at the Electroweak Scale and New Signals at Hadron Colliders
    Aspen, Colorado
    8-13 January 2007

  • Precision Measurements of the Top Mass at the Tevatron (ppt) (Rainer Wallny)
  • First W Mass Measurement from RunII of the Tevatron (pdf), (sxi) (Ashutosh Kotwal)
  • Survey of Top Quark Properties from the Tevatron (pdf), (odp) (Mark Kruse)
  • Photon Searches at the Tevatron (pdf), (ppt) (Ray Culbertson)
  • New Boson Searches at the Tevatron (pdf) (Max Chertok)

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